Thursday, January 20, 2022

Clearing exotic vegetation



A City of Marco Island Exotic Vegetation Removal Permit (#10-040) was issued in July for the removal of invasive, non-native (exotic) species of vegetation at 40 South Heathwood Drive. There are no building plans submitted to the City of Marco Island.

Marco Island Hospital, Inc., using Woods and Wetlands, Inc., is removing exotic, invasive vegetation on the undeveloped property adjacent to the Hospital property.  Woods and Wetlands, Inc. owner, Perry Sizemore, is an arborist, a state licensed contractor and registered with the City of Marco Island. Australian Pine, Earleaf Acacia and Brazilian Pepper are the listed invasive species being removed.

Cabbage Palm, Stopper, Strangler Fig and Gumbo Limbo, native vegetation species, will remain. All vegetation debris, as well as stumps, will be removed and disposed of properly offsite. Logged Australian Pines will be mulched offsite for re use.

Prior to issuance of permit, several site visits were done vegetation species inventory and wildlife survey. No gopher tortoise or burrowing owl burrows were observed or nests for birds of prey. There has been an occasional siting of a Bald Eagle sitting in a tree on the western property line, no nest or evidence of nest building was onsite.

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