Monday, January 24, 2022

Cleaning Out the Closet

Ask the Life Coach

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Dear Coach,

Now that I’ve been vaccinated and can get out of the house and resume normal activity, I’m not so sure I want to. Of course, there are certain things I can’t wait to do, like visit my grandchildren and take a vacation, but I’m feeling pretty content staying home more than I did pre-pandemic. 

Do you think this is normal? Or am I losing interest in life and just getting lazy?


Next Steps



Dear Next,

I’m feeling the same way. It’s like I’ve cleaned out the closet and I’m enjoying the orderliness and lack of clutter.

Since you have grandchildren, I’m assuming you’re over fifty. Although seniors isolated alone in apartments and nursing homes suffered greatly from loneliness, statistics show that overall, seniors did a better job of adapting to a restricted lifestyle than younger people. 

We’ve generally had more experience overcoming extreme life changes like divorce, death of a parent or spouse, job loss, health issues, etc. Living through tragedies has taught us how to be resilient in the face of the next challenge. We’ve also learned greater patience and trust that “this too shall pass.”

Now, back to your question. The fact you’re asking leads me to think you haven’t become lazy. Life just feels different. We had to adapt to staying home and now we have to adapt to getting out more. 

It seems, however, like a great season to take stock of what’s really important in our lives. My personal mission statement is: To glorify God by loving others and myself, using my talents to create a better world, taking care of the resources given to me (body, mind, soul, nature), enjoying life to the fullest. Like you, I’m contemplating what I will put back in or leave out in order to honor my values. 

I’d suggest you write a personal mission statement or make a list of what’s important in your life to determine your next steps.



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