Friday, October 15, 2021

Clay is IN at the Center for the Arts

Clay art has a long tradition with artists always looking for new ideas. And yes, artists do make actual art from clay and with it they come up with non-clay things presented in very non-traditional ways. 

The pieces beg to be touched, handled, photographed and displayed, and some of the artists might not be able to explain how their pieces evolved. Clay art is all about mystery and the clay pieces exhibited scream unique, one of a kind and anti-mass production. Some of the pieces have function built into them, but most are decorative and unlike your ceramic coffee cup, these pieces are works of art.

It is a real treat to be in a room surrounded by local talents creating these masterpieces in clay. The clay artists are explorers and they seem to be having fun expressing themselves. Clay has been part of the Earth since the beginning of time; creating simple durable functional items. There is a trend right now with artists to create clay that looks crazy and without limitation.

There is a robust community of clay artists in Marco and the surrounding area that are passionate and having fun with their art. At the Center for the Arts, “Celebrating Clay” Exhibit is currently open till January 7th, 2020. You will find the works of local clay artists telling their stories in clay in unusual forms. Some are functional vases and plates, others are semi-functional teapots and vessels with a mix of mysterious forms and figures.

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