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City of Marco Island Names Don Hunter as Police Chief



Former Collier County Sherriff Brings 20 Years of Law Enforcement Experience to MIPD City Manager Jim Riviere announced today that Don Hunter has been named the Chief of Police for the City of Marco Island. Mr. Hunter will assume the duties of the city’s highest ranking law enforcement officer on August 8, 2011, following the retirement of Chief Thorn Carr. Mr. Hunter will take his oath of office at a ceremony to be held at City Hall on August 8 at 10:00 a.m. The public is welcome to attend.

Mr. Hunter is well known as the former Collier County Sherriff, a position for which he was elected five times and served in from January 1989 to January 2009. Prior to his election as Sheriff, Mr. Hunter was the Deputy Chief of Administration and Special Operations for the Collier County Sheriff’s Office from 1981 to 1988. Mr. Hunter holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees of Science in Criminology from Florida State University, and has completed the FBI National Academy (179th Session) and Harvard University’s Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government.

Council Chairman Jerry Gibson praised the hiring decision, “The citizens of Marco Island will be well served with Don Hunter at the helm; he was highly regarded by law enforcement professionals and Marco Island residents when he was Sheriff and I look forward to welcoming him back to the community. It also speaks well of the prestige associated with the position of the Marco Island Police Chief to attract someone of the caliber of Don Hunter.”

Mr. Hunter will lead the Marco Island Police Department with 34 full-time sworn officers, 5 civilian employees, numerous volunteers, and a budget of $4.4 million. One of his primary challenges will be to continue providing high quality services to the community with a continually shrinking budget.

The City of Marco Island was incorporated in 1997 as Florida’s 400th City, with a permanent population of 15,000 and a peak winter season population of 35,000. Marco Island’s residents and visitors alike call this special Island… Paradise. Welcome to Paradise Chief!

For any additional information, contact Captain Dave Baer at 389-5050.



THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this 8th day of August, 2011, by and between the City of Marco Island, a municipal corporation, hereinafter called “Employer”, as party of the first part, and Don Hunder, hereinafter called “Employee”, as party of the second part, both of whom understand as follows:

WHEREAS, the City Charter establishes the Council-Manager form of government for the City of Marco Island; and

WHEREAS, the Charter authorizes the City Manager to hire and secure the professional services necessary for the fulfillment of policies and directives of the City Council; and

WHEREAS, it is the desire of the City Manager to secure professional services to manage the business and various departmental affairs of the City Government; and

WHEREAS, the City Manager has deemed it in the best interest of the City to provide employment agreements to certain Department Directors of the City, in order to establish certain conditions of employment and to set working conditions of said employee; and

WHEREAS, Don Hunter desires to be employed as the Police Chief by the City Manager of Marco Island and agrees that an employment agreement is beneficial because it establishes conditions of employment.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained, the parties hereto agree as follows:


A. The Employee serves at the pleasure of the City Manager and nothing herein shall be taken to imply or suggest a guaranteed tenure.

B. Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent, limit or otherwise interfere with the right of the Employee to resign at any time from the position with the Employer provided; however, Employee shall provide the City Manager with at least twenty-one (21) calendar days prior written notice of resignation, unless waived by the City Manager.


A. The City Manager shall have the right to terminate the Employee at any time for criminal action, malfeasance, or misconduct, or if employee is unable to perform employee’s duties because of sickness, accident, injury, mental incapacity, or health for a period of twelve successive weeks.

B. In the event the employment of the Employee is terminated by the City Manager for reasons other than as stated in paragraph A. above, then three (3) calendar months’ notice shall be given by the City Manager to the Employee. The City shall have the right to pay to Employee a lump sum cash payment equal to three (3) months’ salary, less Federal and State withholding. Employee shall also be compensated for all earned personal leave calculated at the rate of pay in effect upon termination.


A. Employer agrees to compensate Employee for services rendered as Police Chief at an annual base salary of $100,000.00, payable in installments at the same time as other employees of the City are paid. Said compensation is subject to review and adjustment, if deemed appropriate by the City Manager, on an annual basis.

B. Employer agrees to provide Employee with health insurance benefits to include medical and dental coverage for the employee, employee’s spouse and employee’s children at no additional cost to the Employee.

C. Employer agrees to make available a deferred compensation plan (457 and/or 401 a Plan) for which the Employee may elect to defer a portion of his base salary.


A. Employer shall provide an automobile for use of the Employee. Employer shall provide a vehicle for use by the Employee, twenty-four (24) hours per day, in order to perform his duties for emergency response. The Employer shall be responsible for fuel, maintenance, and insurance. Any use of said vehicle other than for business purposes may be authorized as deemed appropriate by the City Manager.

B. Employer shall provide a cell phone and all expenses associated with the cell phone shall be the responsibility of the Employer.


A. Employee shall be entitled to holidays and personal leave as provided in the City’s Personnel Rules and Regulations for employees with five or more years of service.

B. Upon employment, Employee shall be credited with ten personal leave days.


A. Employee understands that the position is exempt for the payment of overtime under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


A. Employment under the terms of this agreement shall commence on or about August 8, 2011.


A. The text herein shall constitute the entire Agreement between the parties.

B. This Agreement shall become effective upon execution by the City Manager and execution by Employee.


James C. Riviere, City Manager

Don Hunter



SHERIFF (RETIRED – January, 2009)


Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Academy, 1994 (1791h Session)

Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Business, Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government, 1990.

Florida Senior Executive Institute graduate.

Masters of Science (Doctoral eligible) in Criminology with Emphasis in Criminal Justice Planning, Florida State University, 1983.

Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Florida State University, 1976


Consultant, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children January 2009 to February 2011.
Served as a national law enforcement liaison

Associate, Technology Investors, Inc. January 2009 to 2011.
Served as a law enforcement liaison to the law enforcement community

Instructor, Organization of American States August 2010 to present.
Served as an instructor to international police, judicial and prosecutorial colleagues on the topic of international human trafficking

Sheriff 1, Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Naples, Florida. January 1989 to January 2009

  • Elected Sheriff 1988, 1992, 1996,2000 and 2004 (unopposed in 2000 and 2004)
  • Agency head and Chief Executive Officer of agency composed at peak staffing of 1,392 members (currently 1,368)
  • Serve a permanent population of 357,037 (estimated 2007) and a peak seasonal population of 481 ,465 (estimated 2007)
  • Administer a 2007-2008 budget in excess of $153 million
  • Manage a jail population averaging approximately 1,200 inmates

Deputy Chief of Administration and Special Operations. Collier County Sheriff’s Office 1981-1988

  • Responsible for all Agency operations in the domains of Training, Information Technology, Budge/Finance, Planning and Emergency Communications/9-1-1 Center
  • Commanded the Narcotics and Vice Enforcement Unit and performed as Sheriff’s liaison for the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force
  • Initiated, developed, served with and commanded the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams of the Agency

1 The sixty-seven (67) Sheriffs of Florida are elected officers of the State, elected countywide, with the exception of Dade County, Florida in which the Sheriff is appointed by Council. The term of office is four (4) years. Typically the term runs consistent with the Presidential term of office. The Sheriffs are the chief law enforcement officers of the county and provide full law enforcement services. Most Sheriffs of the state also operate the county jails of their jurisdiction (as with Collier County). The Sheriffs of Florida serve as the Executive Officer of the Courts in their counties and staff all courts with security officers/bailiffs.

Deputy Sheriff 1979-1981

  • Served as Agency principal planner
  • Served as law enforcement deputy

Regional Administrator, Criminal Justice, Florida Region IX, Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council 1976-1979

  • Served as Administrator for the Criminal Justice Advisory Council
  • Served as liaison to the Governor’s Council on Criminal Justice Planning and Assistance (Tallahassee)
  • Formulated and drafted the region’s comprehensive planning document for criminal justice programming
  • Assisted and evaluated programs funded by the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) in Florida Region IX


  • Commissioner/National Sheriffs Association Representative, Commission for Law Enforcement Accreditation, Inc. (CALEA), 2007-2009, Commissioner at large to present;
  • Commissioner, Florida Accreditation Commission, 1999-2004 (Chairman 2002-2003)
  • Member National Sheriffs Association
  • Member Florida Sheriffs Association; two term member of the Board of Directors
  • Member Board of Managers (elected), Florida Sheriffs Self-Insurance Funds, 1992-2002
  • Member Board of Directors, Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute, to 2009
  • Statewide Intelligence Committee Chairman, Florida (Governor’s) Domestic Security Oversight Council, 2007-2009
  • Co-Chair, (Governor’s) Regional Domestic Security Task Force 6,2001-2007
  • Member Florida (Governor’s) Domestic Security Oversight Council, 2001-2007
  • Member Governor’s Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Systems Council, 2006-2008
  • Member Governor’s Parole Comrnission Nomination Board, 2000-2006
  • Member International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Member Police Executive Research Forum
  • Member Florida SWAT ASSOCiation
  • Member International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators
  • Member National Military Intelligence Association
  • Member Association of Former Intelligence Officers
  • Member Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute Associates, Inc.
  • Member FBI National Academy Associates
  • Member Florida Chiefs of Police Association
  • Numerous community / civic affiliations (available upon request)


  • Led the Agency to Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation, Inc. (CALEA) accreditation status, 1994 and for re-accreditation each cycle hence to current with nomination as “Flagship Agency”
  • Led the Agency to Florida Corn mission on Accreditation (FCA) status with re-accreditation each cycle hence to current
  • Superior gang enforcement and suppression operations (references available, FBI)
  • State leader in human smuggling initiative / state and federal partnership (references available, FSU Center for Human Rights / U.S. Attorney’s Office, Middle District, Fl.)
  • Immigration enforcement initiative / exercising collateral federal immigration enforcement authority (references available, DHS); targeting: Transnational gangs; Counterfeit/fraudulent documents at DL offices; Organized crime groups composed of illegal aliens; Warrant service on illegally present foreign nationals; Career criminals; Jail inmate population
  • Multi-year crime rate reductions through multi-faceted Agency-wide flexible operations, career criminal targeting and probation enforcement (within one of the fastest growing counties in the country and Florida’s wealthiest county (references available, Florida Department of Law Enforcement)
  • Proactive juvenile crime suppression and prevention through criminal monitoring programs (references available, multiple judicial circuit agency heads)
  • Multi-year first place honors in nationwide competition for traffic enforcement initiatives (references available, Intemational Association of Chiefs of Police)


  • Periodicals; most recent National Sheriffs Association article on “Chilling Effect and Immigration Enforcement”, March, 2008
  • Various Position Papers pertaining to operational issues of modern law enforcement and criminal justice (available upon request; samples found @ www colliersherjff com)
  • Guest Commentaries to Constituents (available upon request)

Dr. James Riviere


Sent: Monday, July 11,2011 12:02 PM

To: Dr. James Riviere

Subject: Police Chief

Attachments: Resume.docx

Dr. Riviere:

In 1998, I was selected from over two hundred candidates to become Marco Island’s first police officer, first police chief and first (and only) public safety director. I held these positions for approximately two years establishing Marco Island’s police department and securing its future following a successful advisory referendum. I resigned my position under rather unique political considerations that enabled other City appointed officials to maintain their employment rather than to incur a complete transformation ofthe City’S Management staff.

Since leaving my position I have remained a Marco Island homeowner and continue to have my primary residence on the Island. While I have been required to declare out of state residency due to employment, my wife and both sons have retained their status as full-time Marco Island residents.

I currently serve as the Chief of Police for Rio Rancho, New Mexico; the State’s third largest City. Among other responsibilities, I am the President of the New Mexico Association of Chiefs of Police, Chairman ofthe Region 1 Southwest Border High Intensity Drug Trafficiting Area (HIDTA) a division of the Executive Office ofthe President ofthe United States, and sit on the executive board ofthe FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) also covering the Southwest Border region ofthe United States.

I am presently home for a few weeks taking advantage of “use it or lose it” time and would very much appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss my interest in the Chief of Police position should you decide to open it up to outside candidates. Even if you determine not to accept applications from those outside the agency, as a thirteen year resident, former Marco Island Chief of Police and extensively experienced police manager, I feel that I may be able to discuss some very unique insights that may be helpful as you determine the future direction of the Agency.

I am enclosing a copy of my resume for your consideration, and while I know that I am supposed to end this by saying that I will call your administrative assistant to schedule some time, I will not be that presumptive, rather I will remain available to meet at your convenience and hope to hear from you soon.

Robert G. Boone


Dr. James Riviere

From: Hadley, Jeffrey [

Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 1 :33 PM

To: Dr. James Riviere

Subject: Police Chief

Dr. Riviere:

At the risk of being presumptious or too forward I am inquiring about your pending vacancy for the position of Police Chief. If my inquiry finds you apprehensive to respond I appreciate that and will wait until more formal communication comes out as to your intent.

With that being said I have a sincere interest in the position! I grew up in Naples attending Elementary, Middle and High School there and just returned from Marco Island last Sunday from vacation. Marco Island is truly special and I understand that you will receive significant interest in the Chief’s position.

I am currently the Public Safety Chief in Kalamazoo Michigan where I have been since June of 2008 after being selected from a national search. I believe I would have all the commensurate education, experience and skill sets you would require of a Law Enforcement Executive.

My interest in the position stems from my roots in Collier County and my love for the Naples/Marco Island communities. I am not looking to retire or coast but to raise my children in the community from which I was raised.

If there is any information you may be able to provide as to the direction you and the City of Marco Island may be taking in filling the position it would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully and Professionally,

Chief Jeffrey M. Hadley

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, Kalamazoo Michigan


Confidentiality: The information contained in this electronic mail message and any attachments is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain legally privileged, confidential information or work product. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, distribution, or forwarding of the Email message is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify me by Email reply, and delete the original message from your system.


Dr. James Riviere, City Manager

City Hall, 50 Bald Eagle Drive, Marco Island, Florida 34145

Dear Dr. Riviere:

As you may recall, last November we spoke on the telephone regarding the possibility of joining the Marco Island Police Department. At the time, the economy was very tight and the possibility of lay-offs within the Police Department made a move seemed ill-advised, given my 26 years with the Nassau County Police Department. I have heard that Chief Carr has announced plans to retire in the upcoming year,and my family and I plan on permanently relocating to Marco Island this summer. For these reasons and more, I would like to be considered for the position of Chief of Police when and if it becomes available. I believe I would be a strong addition to the Department, as well as to the community.

Perhaps a qUick review of my qualifications is in order. ‘I have an MBA and BS in Business Administration and am currently enrolled in a PhD program in Criminal Justice and Public Administration. My credentials also include:

  • An unprecedented level of success in reduCing crime levels since I took command of the Third Precinct, from +3% in 2009 to -10% in 2010. In 2011 to date, both major crimes and non-major cri.mes have decreased an additional 8%.
  • A 40% increase in the percentage of arrests by plainclothes police officers.
  • A demonstrated ability to forge strong working relationships with other agencies, federal, state and county representatives and civic, religious and educationall.eaders .
  • Experience working with people .from diverse cultures .and the capacity to establish productive interactions with them almost immediately.
  • A commitment to developing the officers under my supervision to their full potential.
  • Excellent communications skills.

I am ready to commit my energy and resources to the Marco Island Police Department should an opening arise. My enclosed’resume presents my background in greater detail. I will contact your office within the next week to see if we might schedule a meeting to discuss my qualifications.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at the numbers and email address listed above. I look forward to. speaking with you.


Kevin Canavan




Law Enforcement + Management + Community Relations

Seasoned, innovative Inspector with 26 years of experience serving as part of tenth largest police force in nation. Currently commands flagship precinct, largest and busiest command in Nassau County, home of 1.4 million residents. Addresses age-old problems with 21st century solutions. Management approach stresses empowering police officers and their supervisors. Recognized for leaoership, decisiveness, interpersonal and communications skilis and success in engaging community in support of programs.

Areas of Expertise/Professional Strengths

  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Financial Management
  • Administration
  • Team Development
  • Communications
  • Integrity


  • Reduced crime levels to unprecedented low levels in 2011 in year-to-date comparison: major crimes (-8.26%), non-major crimes (-8.23%), total crime (-8.24%).
  • Increased percentage of arrests by plainclothes police offiCers by 40% at start of command by replacing entire unit with hand-picked supervisors and officers.
  • Organized and normalized budgets of one of the largest PAL in the world comprising 32 units using 68 banks, financial institutions and credit unions by centralizing financial activities in one bank and maintaining oversight of accounts.
  • Oversaw PAL program involving 30,OOO·children. Trained hundreds of volunteers.
  • Raised sufficient funds to purchase 112 automatic external defibrillators to be available at every PAL activity, working closely with Acompora Foundation.
  • Completed Session 229, Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy.
  • Participated in Session 44, Senior Management Institute for Police.
  • Received annual Heroism awards from Federal Aviation Administration and Helicopter Association International in recognition of successful evacuation of 30+ passengers of crashed plane in heavily wooded areas under extreme weather conditions.


NASSAU COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT, Williston Park, New York 1985 – Present

Inspector, Commanding Officer, Third Precinct, 2009 – Present

  • Oversees all law enforcement, crime prevention, patrol and community outreach activities as well as budgeting, human resources and other administrative functions.
  • Supervises 21 sworn supervisory personnel, 194 police officers and 71 civilian employees.
  • Selects individuals for key assignments, evaluates performance, ensures appropriate training and disciplines staff as necessary.
  • Develops and maintains effective working relationships with subordinates and department heads, town and village officials, county legislators, state and federal authorities and civic, religious and educational leaders.
  • Ensures all activities comply with state statutes and codes, federal guidelines and protocols and local ordinances relating to law enforcement.
  • Uses media effectively to promote department and major initiatives.
  • Serves as final authority for decisions regarding law enforcement.
Deputy Inspector, Executive Officer, Fifth Precinct, 2006 – 2009
Captain, Deputy Commanding Officer, Fifth Precinct, 2005 – 2006
Lieutenant, Deputy Commanding Officer, Marine & Aviation Bureau, 2004 – 2005
Lieutenant, Commanding Officer, Police Activity League, 2003 – 2004
Administrative Lieutenant, Sixth Precinct, 1998 – 2003
Patrol Sergeant, Eighth Precinct, 1995 – 1998
Police Officer, Pilot, Marine & Aviation Bureau, 1985 – 1995
PhD in Business (Criminal Justice, Public Administration Concentration), Currently Enrolled
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
ERSKINE COLLEGE, Due West, South Carolina
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and English
Airline Transport Pilot; Rotorcraft/Helicopter
Commercial Airplane, Single-Engine Land, Instrument Airplane
Flight Instructor, Single-Engine Land, Instrument Airplane
Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Academy Associates
Police Executive Research Forum (PERF)
International Association of Chiefs of Police
Fraternal Order of Police
Unified New Cassel Revitalization Corporation (Board Member)
Airborne Law Enforcement Association
Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

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