Monday, January 24, 2022

City of Marco Island | COVID-19

If you are considering coming to Marco Island for vacation or recreation, we urge you to stay home. Under normal conditions, we would welcome visitors and part-time residents, but these are not normal conditions. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are putting our residents’ health and safety first. If you are a visitor already present on Marco Island, we urge you to follow the CDC social distancing guidelines. If you are not here, please stay home and do not come to Marco Island. If you are a landlord with vacation property to rent, we ask you to cancel those bookings. Marco Island is not open for business as usual. Due to local, state and federal restrictions, our bars are closed, dine-in restaurants are closed, public access to the beach is closed, public facilities are closed, and in general, our resources on the island are limited. Thank you for keeping our community safe as we all work together to defeat COVID-19. 

One response to “City of Marco Island | COVID-19”

  1. Gaylee Dean says:

    Is the Marriott open and do guests have access to our beaches?

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