Wednesday, January 26, 2022

City of Marco Island | Confirmed COVID-19 Patient

Collier County Department of Health has confirmed that there is a patient that has tested positive for COVID-19 who has a Marco Island address.
Information related to specific cases is maintained by the Collier County Department of Health, and Federal law protects personal medical information
from being released. Protection of public health requires that we continue to follow CDC social distancing guidelines.

We must continue to work together to keep our community safe and defeat COVID-19.

8 responses to “City of Marco Island | Confirmed COVID-19 Patient”

  1. Anton Piringer says:

    I understand that all incoming passenger will be checked for temperature at RSW .
    How about at Naples and Marco Island Airport.
    Thank you

  2. Mike says:

    Stop lying. This virus is faker than the moon landing

  3. Donna Bennett says:

    Can you say if this particular person has been to the fresh market grocery store on Tamiami?
    A lot of Marco Island residence come and shop at the store.

  4. Gilbert Michaud says:

    What area N. Or S.end of the Marco???

  5. Linda Spragins says:

    I think we should be given more details sinceMarco Island is a very small but highly populated with seasonal and full time. It is difficult to even go to find food without coming in close contact. I have tried to stay confined to home for 5 weeks self imposed, but had to go out several times for food water and many shelves empty. Water in short supply. No paper products, no disinfectant. And yet Collier County wants to form a meeting to fight to keep things open? We need supplies delivered to door. But that hasn’t been able to happen. There should be no additional people visiting the Island to do a so called vacation. This is no vacation and I resent city officials that put our lives in jeopardy to try to continue business as usual. Which can not be done without jeopardizing people’s safety. Other info released on others testing positive about where they have been and who may have been exposed. Difficult to recognize and diagnose yourself. So withholding info is what causes it to be passed on.

  6. There are now 2 confirmed cases on Marco….a 50 year old Male. hospitalized. and a 37 year old female.

  7. Thomas Harrington says:

    Our prayers go out to all that are sick.

  8. Pat says:

    So Marco has only one confirmed case of COVID 19 total

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