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By Coastal Breeze News Staff



Marco Island’s Planning Board spent most of its meeting time on July 6th reaching consensus on goals and objectives with an eye toward a July 16th Workshop with the City Council. The Board considered 18 questions, but did not vote them up or down. Instead the Board developed recommendations for discussion with the City Council, allowing for a broader exchange of ideas.

Some of the highlighted items of the meeting were:

1. Consensus that swale parking will not be permitted on Swallow Avenue, Huron Court, Panama Court, Collier Court, Seagrape Drive, Maple Avenue and, perhaps several other residential areas.

2. Vigorous parking enforcement with fines increased to $95 for violations.

3. Consideration of using stickers for residents’ automobiles to permit free beach parking in certain designated areas.

4. Improved signage by the city and suggested for the Collier County to indicate “no parking” zones as well as directional signs toward available parking areas.

5. Identification of possible alternative parking areas and development of more angled parking spaces near the Esplanade.

6. Cooperative effort among residents, businesses and city staff to reconcile the parking situation on Bald Eagle drive in the Old Marco area.

A number of speakers presented their views on the major issues, and Chairman Dick Shanahan afforded a full opportunity for all speakers to present their views.


There has been some confusion about the status of the proposal to have an entrepreneur operate a horse and carriage service on Marco Island. Such a service now exists in Naples. Recently the Planning Board recommended that the City Council approve the request. This action did not constitute immediate approval. The issue now goes to the City Council for discussion and decision whether to approve or not.


The Planning Board decided unanimously to retain Dick Shanahan as Chairman and Jack Patterson as Vice Chairman until November when the composition of the Planning Board may change.

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