Wednesday, October 27, 2021

City Notes



By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Marco Island’s Planning Board and staff are developing a comprehensive pro- posed parking plan for submission to the city council. Recognizing existing parking problems, particularly at the south end of the island, and difficulties reaching beach access points, planners have begun examining a number of available options to accommodate traffic needs.

The proposed plan will be island-wide, but separated into modules. For example, beach access will constitute one module, while midtown parking and Old Marco parking will constitute other modules. The various components will be woven together into an overall plan, segment-by-segment.

With respect to beach access and south end parking, planners will be examining setting up no parking areas in swales located in specific areas. Safety is a prime consideration in the planning effort. Planners are also examining such options as shuttle-type services that may be provided by private entrepreneurs or, perhaps, by adjustment of schedules of the Collier County CAT system. Under this approach there would be designated routes, stops and schedules at beach access points as well as utilizing parking opportunities at such areas as Veterans Park. New signs would clearly designate the access points.

At a Planning Board meeting on May 18, planning staff presented an analysis of the problem and some suggested alternatives. The board asked staff to continue development of the beach access/ no swale parking proposal. A meeting is scheduled for June 15th to review the staff’s proposed plan. Staff and the Planning Board are seeking public input in the process, and invite public participation in the workshops. On July 16th, the City Council and Planning Board will hold a joint workshop on the subject.

Subsequent modules will follow the same pattern that is being used for the south end analysis.

Collier County Commissioners voted to give Marco Island a permanent seat on the Tourist Development Council. Marco Island has sought this permanent seat for years, and this is the first time the effort succeeded. City Council agreed to designate Council member Jerry Gibson as the city’s representative. General Manager Rick Medwedeff of the Marco Island Marriott and Beach Resort was re-elected by the County Commissioners to serve on the TDC as Marco Island’s business representative.

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