Monday, November 29, 2021

City Manager Announces Organizational Changes



Effective October 1,2012, the following organizational changes and personnel appointments are announced:

Mr. Jeff Poteet is appointed General Manager of the Water and Sewer Department, reporting to the City Manager.

Mr. Bryan Milk is appointed Director, Community Affairs, reporting to the City Manager. Community Affairs is a combination of Planning and Zoning, Building Services,Environmental, Special Events and Recreation Programs. The Position of Parks and Recreation Director is vacated for FY2012.

Ms. Mindy Matusiak is appointed Manager, Recreation Programs reporting to Bryan Milk. Her responsibilities include Mackle Park, Veterans Community Park, Winterberry Park and the Racquet Center.

Ms. Debbie McCabe is appointed Administrator, Special Events reporting to Mr. Milk.

Mr. Jim Hodgdon, as superintendent of parks is transferred and merged with Public Works, reporting to Tim Pinter. Jim’s responsibilities are expanded to include grounds maintenance on Utility properties.

Ms. Gretchen Baldus is appointed to Director, Information Technology reporting to the City Manager. She has responsibility for Software Applications, platforms, networks, broadcasting, Policy guidance city wide, and for Inter local agreements.

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