Wednesday, December 1, 2021

City Hall Open House Celebrates “Sun & Storms” Exhibit from Local Artists

Photos by Maria Lamb
| Artists having fun viewing the Sun & Storm Exhibits; Karen and Jim Swanker (left) and Judy Chinski.


Many thanks to 31 artists who participated in the “Sun & Storms” exhibit displayed at the Marco Island City Hall. On April 1, the public was invited to an open house to view the beautiful and unique artworks.

Photographer Jim Freeman of Goodland with his two photographs of driftwoods.

The City of Marco Island launched a new initiative called Art @ City Hall celebrating local artists by displaying their art inside City Hall and highlighting Marco’s unique natural environment. According to a Press Release issued by Casey Lucius, Assistant to the City Manager, every three to four months a new theme is highlighted and a call to artists is sent soliciting artwork that aligns with that theme.

The Sun & Storms exhibit included over 51 pieces of art that were displayed and enjoyed by the public and the staff at Marco’s City Hall. Future themes will include the Everglades, Wading Birds and Owls, and Flora and Fauna, with emphasis on Marco’s natural environment, endangered species, and unique island beauty. 

The artists who contributed to the current Sun & Storm exhibit included Debra Reed, Gertrude Fuchs, Joey Waves, Judy Chinski, Jim Robellard, Nancy Norman, Nancy Garrison, Larry Richardson, Diane Reed Eiler, Joe Parisi, Ken O’Renick, Bob Kenedi, Tara O’Neill, JoAnn Sanborn, Susan Gross, Adorable Monique, George Morissette, Jean Mau, Cheryl Costley, Mary Pat Palombo, Jim Freeman, Tyler McDonald, Betty Newman, Frank Steiger, Gary Armstrong, Lynn David Nathanson, Karina Papanikolaou, Lauren Lennertz, Karen Swanker, Gregory Dirr, and Sheridon Wright. All items displayed were for sale.

The City of Marco Island is a trend setter in recognizing the importance of art in public buildings. Art is usually displayed with big name galleries; art centers, private galleries and public art is often an underrepresented, underappreciated venue for local artists to display their creative work. 

Marco Island has a vibrant artistic community, colorful and very engaged, and they make us aware of the beauty we take for granted every day. By sharing their art with the community, they help create a sense of community.

The theme for the next exhibit will be “Iconic Places of Marco Island.” The theme is pretty open to possible subject matter, persons, places, or things. Students are also encouraged to submit their artworks. Intake and drop off for the exhibit will be April 14 from 10 AM to Noon and the Exhibit will run from April 15 through mid-July. If you would like to participate, please contact Barbara Parisi at:



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