Saturday, November 27, 2021

City Council Update



By Steve “Stef” Stefanides

At the August 1 meeting of the Marco Island City Council, Kelli DeFedericis, the Flood Plain Coordinator for the city, made a presentation to the board, which amounted to what could best be described as an early Christmas present for homeowners on the island.

Homeowners within the city will be receiving an additional 5% improvement in their flood insurance premium; previous to this latest adjustment property owners had received a 20% credit and will now receive a 25% deduction from their previous rates on flood insurance.

DeFedericis was quick to point out that it was a collaborative effort between all city departments that had provided her the tools to assemble the presentation to federal officials, which led to the reduction credit that will be received by homeowners on their flood insurance.

The City of Marco Island has participated in the Community Rating System since 1999, as has the City of Naples and Collier County. Previous to last evening’s announcement the city had maintained a Class 6 rating and has now improved to a Class 5 rating.

With the Class 6 rating residents saved approximately $2 million in their flood premiums. The improvement to a Class 5 rating will further increase that savings by an additional $500,000.

“This should be great news for all our property owners,” said Council Chairman Bob Brown after the meeting.

DeFedericis urged property owners to contact their agents to

Photo by Steve StefanidesFloodplain Coordinator Kelli DeFedericis brings good news about a reduction in flood insurance rates to Marco property owners.

Photo by Steve StefanidesFloodplain Coordinator Kelli DeFedericis brings good news about a reduction in flood insurance rates to Marco property owners.

insure they are receiving the appropriate credits on their policies. Should residents have questions they could be directed to DeFedericis at her city hall office by calling 239-389-5000.


Other Business

Councilors quickly dispatched a relatively light agenda by approving a change to the city’s land development code, which would allow for additional conditional uses in an RT (Residential Tourist) Zone. That change was done unanimously by a 6-0 vote, with Councilman Victor Rios absent on vacation.

They then went on to approve a resolution approving six conditional uses within the mixed use development located at 291 South Collier. There was no public opposition and the changes went through individually by a 6-0 vote.

Councilman Petricca convinced a majority of his fellow councilmen to bring forward an ordinance which would close a loophole in the present codes that might allow a seawall contractor to stay beyond the present 180 days allowed to manufacture seawall panels on a vacant lot.

The planning board had previously approved such an ordinance by a 6-1 vote, but it failed by a 4-2 vote when it reached the council, with four councilors failing to support the change.

The issue will now come back before the council for reconsideration of the matter.



In the July 22, 2016 issue, based on information provided to Coastal Breeze News, Maddy Burt’s 100-meter butterfly time was incorrectly reported; Her record-breaking time was 1:02:19. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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