Wednesday, December 1, 2021

City Council Election: Monica L Pierce



As an informed and concerned resident of Marco Island, I have been doing my research on the candidates for City Council and have been very impressed with some of the candidates that are running this year.

Jared Grifoni especially stands out. I first met Jared at the Glory of the Grape event at CJs in June. I spoke with him at that time about his candidacy and was very impressed with his platform and his vision for Marco Island.

After meeting Jared, I went to his website which has a wealth of information on his background, experience, goals and viewpoints, including a section that shows videos of him speaking at City Council meetings, County Commission meetings and School Board meetings.

If you watch his videos as I did, you will find him to be extremely articulate in his presentations and very knowledgeable about the issues. But what I find truly exciting about Jared is his track record (literally on full display) of fighting for fiscally conservative values over the years. Jared is not someone who just decided to run for office because he wanted something to occupy his time. He clearly lives his life by the principles he believes in and his resume proves it.

He obviously loves Marco Island and wants it to be the best it can be! A candidate like Jared Grifoni is a rare find and I am very proud to support him.

Monica L Pierce

Marco Island


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