Monday, November 29, 2021

City Council Election: Adam Urban



It seems disingenuous for Amadeo Petricca to claim to be for taxpayers when he refused to vote for the roll-back millage rate the last two years. The roll-back rate would have kept tax revenue constant. Instead, Amadeo Petricca voted to raise collected ad valorem tax revenue for FY2016 and FY2017 by approximately 2.3 million dollars! He also claims to be for residents but how can he be for residents when he voted to restrict our ability to have a citizen-sponsored resolution in front of City Council? If that isn’t bad enough, his vote also created a new tax on citizens’ speech. Check out Resolution 15-43 for yourself. Incumbents Petricca and Honecker teamed up to tax and restrict the people of Marco Island. Petricca’s also not opposed to taking on even more city debt to fund build-out at Veterans’ Community Park per his recent “white paper”. Marco Island has had enough. It’s time to get rid of City Councilors who say one thing to get elected and do another. Vote out the incumbents!

Adam Urban

Marco Island


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