Monday, December 6, 2021

City Council Candidate Joe Rola

Letter to the Editor


In this political season, it seems that everyone has their favorite candidate, and I am no exception. 

I’ve chosen Joe Rola. I’ve known Joe since 2008 when he was one of the original members of Marco Island Homeowners, an organization that transitioned into Marco Island Property Owners. Joe was the treasurer and information officer. 

Both Joe and Ed Issler exposed the illegal reuse of retired DENSITY from the Golon/Veterans’ Park Land Development code at a time when members of the City Administration and City Council wanted to transfer Retired Density to a private developer to support another hi-rise hotel on Park Avenue. 

Joe was an avid supporter of efforts to remove Density Transfers from our Code of Ordinances and to “officially” retire Density associated with all city property, including ALL parks. 

Over the last 5 years, Joe has been a member of our island Planning Board. He reads and understands the laws that you and I depend upon to preserve “our small-town tropical Island Paradise. 

Joe understands what it takes to preserve a lowintensity quality of life that could be lost forever if we are fooled into believing that “all progress is good,” and “you can’t stop progress.” Joe knows the difference between helterskelter development and development based upon a well thought out, coordinated set of incremental changes within a framework of low intensity, sustainable vision. 

I’m voting for Joe Rola for City Council. 

Thank you! 

Virginia Bingle  

Marco Island



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