Thursday, October 28, 2021

City Advisory Boards Have New Members

Photos By Steve Stefanides

Photos By Steve Stefanides

By Steve “Stef” Stefanides

There are a number of new members sitting on the city’s advisory boards beginning their responsibilities since being appointed on January 23 by the four newly-elected councilors. They assumed their roles February 1.

The first reconfigure committee to meet will be the Beautification Committee, which will see Linda Columbo reappointed for another four year term by Councilor Charlette Roman. She will be joined by Becky Irwin an appointee of Councilor Reed, Andrew Kirlin an appointee of Councilor Honig and Luwana Milner who was appointed by Councilor Grifoni.

The Planning Board will see Erik Brechnitz assume his new seat after appointment by Councilor Honig, Hector Fernandez was appointed by Councilor Grifoni, Ronald Goldstein was appointed by Councilor Roman and Ed Issler was chosen by Councilor Reed.

The Beach Advisory Committee had four new members appointed by the newly elected councilors. Amongst them were Maria Lamb who was re-appointed by Howard Reed. Ruth McCann was another reappointment made by Charlette Roman. Peter Hartzler was appointed by Councilor Grifoni and Peter Guerin was appointed by Councilor Honig.

The Waterways Advisory Committee will see new members Robert Roth who was appointed by Councilor Roman,



Monica Pierce who was appointed by Councilor Reed, Phares Heindl by Councilor Honig and Steven Sokol by Councilor Grifoni.

Parks and Recreation will have four new members in Allyson Richards who was appointed by Howard Reed, Jerra Minning by Councilor Roman, Meg Bonos by Councilor Grifoni, and Ron Rutledge who was appointed by Councilor Honig.

Councilor Rios appointed individuals to two separate committees who had vacancies created due to resignations, which we reported on in the last issue. He appointed Peter Strungis to the Beach Advisory Committee and Joe Rola to the Planning Board. Those two appointments were approved by a 4-2 vote with Councilor Brown and Batte dissenting.

Advisory board members are appointed for the four-year term, which coincides with the councilor that selects them. That change was made in the ordinance governing those boards in January of 2013. Should a vacancy occur on any board, that councilor affected may recommend a replacement for that seat. Councilors will then vote on the approval of the replacement.

You may visit the city’s website at to view a calendar of meetings and times for the various boards.

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