Saturday, October 16, 2021

Christmas Wish



By Hillary Braden

Do you wish for a white Christmas? Is it a car? Would you like to have all your shopping done, by others? Holiday packages tied in big bright bows by the girl at the department store? What screams in your heart at this time? For some, materialistic items fill their dreams instead of sugar plum fairies. For others, it is much more saddening. As we hustle and bustle around, greeting strangers with smiles, Are we getting IT? Are we truly sharing the spirit of the season? What are you celebrating? Our answers are not always the same as our neighbors. It may be due to the details. Who was born, what lasted for how long? The root of each is very similar. We use this time in our families to put importance where it should be all year long. With those we love and care for.

As a child it was amazing to see and hear all that is around and happening during the Christmas season. The feelings of merriment, the street décor, the singing carols, and the visiting, all these things combined and climaxed to this one morning. No matter how much was jammed under the tree, it never lasted as long as the anticipations. When I received the back stage pass to Christmas, as a mother, it changed drastically. Now, I often find myself rushing to that day, if it would just get here and be over. So much parental Pressure to put on the best Christmas ever. Out do yourself from last year. Then we can get back to normal.

This year however, it was brought to my attention that our celebration is too short. TOO SHORT? How could this be? I start earlier every year. Am I missing out on a Charcoal Thursday, was it a Christmas coupon swap? How could this season be extended?

So, does the chilled air of January bring us back to Normal? Or does it shut our heart’s love chamber down till next season? Why, when we see a man on the corner asking for a little help do we pass him up, unless it is almost Christmas? If it was your brother on the corner would you give him a couple of coins and tell him “God bless”? Or would you reach out and wrap your arms around him and shelter him from the cold? Only in December? What is the difference that is brought about in each of us? How can we keep that joy in our hearts all year? Why should we extend Christmas?

Statistically, this season has a dark side. It is the time we are reminded that we are alone, even when we aren’t really. We are reminded that we don’t have enough to go around, even though there is always enough. This isn’t the only time of the year that people are reminded of these harsh realities. We could accomplish so many more movements of love and joy, if we started earlier every year. Not shopping earlier! By greeting the stranger with a smile in June. By bringing someone’s ‘brother’ in out of the cold or the heat. No wonder there is so much Christmas pressure. We try to cram pack this month and a week with all the love and happiness that we should be sharing at a steady pace all twelve months of the year.

So, this Christmas, while you are basking in the family warmth, joy and sharing, Grab on to it. Put it in your pocket. Let’s extend this season!

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