Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Chief Frazzano Leads By Example

Photo by Steve Stefanides

At the November 4th meeting of the Marco City Council, resident Ray Seward came forward to complain about a ticket he had received for overnight parking in the swale outside his residence. He explained that his antique Corvette, which he had shown in a local charity car show, wouldn’t start. One of the participants at the show assisted him in getting the car back to his home, but it wouldn’t allow him to place his small pickup back into his driveway because the car would be removed for servicing the next day.

Seward, a resident of the island for over a dozen years or more was upset after driving 57 years that he had received a ticket for $95 for this infraction. He questioned why an officer decided to write a ticket between 3 AM and 4 AM, rather than just issue a warning.

When asked about the issue at the Monday evening meeting, newly appointed Chief of Police Tracy Frazzano called upon her two decades of experience within the New Jersey system from which she came to say the department doesn’t issue warnings.

“After a review of the issue later in the week I did discover there is an option to issue warnings here on Marco Island. When I was made aware of that, I took the first advantage of the first opportunity to follow up with Mr. Seward. I believe it is important to keep lines of communication open and accurate,” said Frazzano.

To Frazzano’s credit, she didn’t want to wait that long. When Chief Frazzano saw Mr. and Mrs. Seward at a charity event on Saturday, Frazzano immediately sought them out rather than wait another day or so. “The Chief came forward and saw both my wife and I and expressed her regrets regarding her interpretation of the situation and pledged work with us to resolve it,” said Ray Seward.

The issue of swale parking has been a confusing question for many on the island over the last several years as staff and council have wrestled with the matter for some time now.

“Chief Frazzano has proven to us that she will be a true asset to our community. She demonstrated the professionalism that you would expect in a person of that caliber and in the position of trust she shares within the community,” said Ray Seward on Sunday.

“We are better together… the more we connect, the more we learn from one another. We are always looking for ways to improve and work together to make our community better,” said Chief Frazzano.

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