Friday, October 22, 2021

Chicken and Waffles… For Dinner?



Chef Anne Feinman

Last week, as our Executive Chef and I were discussing summer specials, he showed me something I had never seen…Chicken and Waffles. Yes, on the same plate, with sides of warm maple syrup and gravy… and served for dinner.

Chicken and waffles are one of those combo dishes that I had never thought of pairing. I love waffles and I love fried chicken, so why not put the two together? The thought of topping a waffle with hot juicy chicken and then pouring gravy or syrup over the top…this was going to be a first for me. At this point, Chef Aurelio told me about restaurants that are actually named Chicken and Waffle eateries. Some very popular ones can be found in Phoenix, Atlanta, Dallas and there is one actually near us in Ft. Myers.

The exact origin of this semi-crazy combination is unknown, but according to one story, it actually has deep roots, dating from the 1790?s, when Thomas Jefferson brought a waffle iron home from France. The combo of chicken and waffles started appearing in cookbooks shortly thereafter. We have all heard of Chicken and Dumplings or Chicken and Biscuits, so it would only make sense to combine a delicious and crispy waffle with our chicken, right? No matter where the traditions started, Southerners have embraced them, and we are bringing it to your table.

Our summer specials for Mango’s have been completed and we invite you to come enjoy some taste sensations. We have put together some delicious and fun venues to allow you to travel the world, food tasting, and it doesn’t require your passport! Monday nights will feature our Southern menu (including Chicken and Waffles!), Tuesday nights are Italian night, Wednesday nights come enjoy a taste of the Caribbean (with Frank Carroll providing entertainment), Thursdays is Prime Rib night and Fridays you’ll enjoy live Maine Lobster! Every night you can enjoy a taste of the Orient, with our extensive and creative Sushi prepared by Chef Bjong, from China. Who says you can’t be everything to everyone? Come travel the world…and leave your passport at home.

Come experience waterfront dining at Mango’s in The Esplanade…we are sure to tempt your palate.


Chef Annie and daughter Lauren began their journey together at The Chefs Express in Olde Marco in 2004. After 6 years of developing strong customer relations and a solid name in the restaurant and catering business, they have moved to the forefront of Marco Islands’ service business at The Esplanade. The new venue called for a new name…thus Mangos Dockside Bistro at The Esplanade. Our family invites you to experience the best food, the best views, the best drinks…with THE MOST FUN!


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