Monday, January 24, 2022

Changes Coming to Planning Board

Photos by Steve Stefanides | Newly appointed Planning Board Member Marilyn Dahl. Appointed to replace Ron Goldstein who moved to Washington State.


Joe Rola at his last Planning Board meeting before assuming his role as the newly elected City Councilor.

The Marco Island Planning Board met on Friday, November 6, dealing with a number of different issues. The board itself may have a different composition to its membership within the next 60 days. At least one of their colleagues will be assuming a seat on the city council, while several new appointments may be in the offing after new councilors choose their appointments to this important body. 

During Friday’s meeting, some on the Planning Board joked with Joseph Rola that he saw fit to attend his last meeting before assuming his new role as a city councilor, causing Rola to joke he’d be back on occasion to see them. 

The Board also welcomed Marilyn Dahl, newly appointed member taking the place of former member Ron Goldstein, who left the Board to move to Washington State. He had been appointed almost four years ago by Councilor Charlette Roman and had served two terms as Planning Board Chairman. Roman appointed Dahl to fill out Goldstein’s term. 

Moving forward with its agenda, the board agreed with planning staff that a request for a boat dock extension on Old Marco Lane would not be in the best interest of the neighbors and might cause issues within the narrow canal. The board voted 7-0 to support the staff recommendation that the request be denied. It will now go before council. 

The board heard from Senior Planner Mary Holden regarding the status of the ongoing Comprehensive Plan Update project. She advised that they soon would be entering Phase II of the review and holding two workshops, one with council on Tuesday, December 8, and another on Saturday, December 12, in an effort to hear from the community. Subjects of transportationfuture land use and housing will be reviewed. Some questioned the timing in December when many residents travel for the holidays. 

Another issue that arose dealt with the vacation of drainage and utility easements adjacent to the lot lines between 481 and 490 Tarpon Court to allow the merging of the two properties for the building of a new home. The board followed the staff recommendation, approving the change by a 7-0 vote, and the matter was forwarded to the city council for their approval. 

Another similar vacation of a utility easement was approved for the property located at 1711 Ludlow Road. Two lots previously were joined as one lot for tax purposes, but the vacation of the utility easements was never made. 

1000 North Barfield Drive approved for changes in the Site Development Plan.

Islanders who have had to drive by the property at 1000 North Barfield Drive will be delighted to know that the new owner, Walkers Marine, will soon be finalizing restoration of that building and its grounds, vastly improving the appearance of the building and its site. 

The building has changed hands several times since Doctor Richard Saitta had his offices there, sitting empty for a considerable time and falling into disrepair. Marco Moose Lodge 1990 at one time owned the facility, but was unable to facilitate the necessary improvements to the building and sold it. Then, just before the end of 2018, it was acquired by Maritime Acquisitions from the owners of record. 

James Walker, owner of Maritime Acquisitions, attended the November 6 meeting with his engineer to explain proposed Site Development Plan Amendment to finalize plans for landscaping and enhanced security for the site. The board was sympathetic to his presentation and voted 7-0 to approve the changes to the plans, accepting staff recommendations. 



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