Saturday, June 25, 2022

Chamber of Commerce Sponsors June Beach Clean-up

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Photos by Maria Lamb
| Chamber of Commerce with Erik Condee, baby Celine and wife Catalina.


A big thank you to the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce – the June sponsor for the June beach clean-up coordinated by the City’s Beach and Coastal Resources Advisory Committee. A group of about over 35 volunteers spread out to pick up trash items from South Beach to JW Marriott. Volunteers collected about 60 pounds of trash in two hours. Last month, the volunteers picked up 80 pounds of trash. Since January, volunteers have collected about 380 pounds of trash which were left on the beach by beachgoers. There are nine county owned trash containers on South Beach alone – yet – the majority of trash found were near trash containers and the dunes and vegetations close by! Volunteers do make the difference in the two hours of trash collection.

Photos by Maria Lamb
| June’s Beach Cleanup with sponsor Chamber of Commerce!

There was a steady traffic of beachgoers from the county’s South Beach Parking lot. Also, while at South Beach, two dog owners came in with their dogs to walk the beach. Let’s hope they pick up after their pets. While doing a survey of trash containers, the majority of condo owners don’t have a trash container on their beachside boardwalks and if they do, they are open tops and not wildlife proof.

On Marco Island there is an ordinance restricting animals on the beach. “It shall be unlawful for any person owning or having under their control any animal, to permit such animal upon the beach, except service dogs accompanying persons with special needs shall be allowed on the beach at all times.”

On Marco “open fires are prohibited. Heated objects are to be disposed of properly. It shall be unlawful for any person to have open fires, barbecue grills, including portable type grills, or other incendiary devices on the beach. However, designated areas may be provided for use of stoves or grills as posted by the city solely for this purpose. It shall be unlawful for any person to dispose of any coals, briquettes, ember or other heated object except in city designated receptacles in designated areas.”

Please Save the Date: CJ’s on the Bay will be the sponsor for the August 15 Beach Cleanup, starting at South Beach.


Photos by Maria Lamb
| In the first 30 minutes of the cleanup, two dog owners came to the beach with their dogs.

Photos by Jean Hall
| Abandoned beached sailboat is still at Sand Dollar Island.


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