Sunday, October 17, 2021

Centennial Bank Star Tellers

Centennial Bank congratulates Laura Castro, Michelle Rodriguez & Justine Townsend of the Marco Island branch for earning the Centennial Bank Star Teller award. “The Star Teller program sets the bar in regards to the quality of service we wish to see from our employees,” states Teresa Condas, President of Centennial Bank’s Florida Region. “Laura, Michelle & Justine deserve recognition for their dedication and attention to detail.”

In appreciation of the challenges tellers have in providing best-in-class customer service, Centennial Bank designed the Star Teller Program, a monthly recognition program that showcases the importance of error-free work. Tellers are rewarded for maintaining Centennial Bank’s standard of customer service, meaning they have no unscheduled absences, and that for every given number of transactions there are a minimal number of errors. Each Star Teller receives a monetary award and a Golden Star to be placed on his or her name plate, indicating to customers the teller provides stellar customer service.

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