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Cancer Treatment

First use worldwide of the recently FDA approved Varian “Capri” High Dose Radiation Cancer Treatment

Fort Myers, Florida – 5 May 2011 – Premiere Radiation Oncology marks a historic day for cancer treatment not only here in Southwest Florida but worldwide. Premiere Radiation Oncology, the newest and most technologically advanced radiation oncology treatment center in Southwest Florida has performed a High Dose Radiation (HDR) treatment with the recently FDA approved “Capri” Brachytherapy applicator from Varian. This therapy is designed to increase patient comfort and allows clinicians to better direct the radiotherapy dose to the cancerous region. The term Brachytherapy simply means treating cancer by temporarily placing radioactive sources within or adjacent to tumors.

Dr. Nicolas Zouain treated an 89 year old female with rectal cancer whom was treated previously with a course of external beam radiation and is currently presenting with a recurrence of rectal cancer. The patient is not a candidate for any surgery, so the HDR Brachytherapy treatment using the Capri applicator allowed Dr. Zouain to use a very highly active source of radiation to be in direct contact of the cancer without going through the normal organ. This technique decreases the amount of potential side effects for the patient. Due to the age of the patient, she was able to benefit from the HDR Capri Brachytherapy as she would have not been able to tolerate any invasive procedure such as surgery.

The procedure was done as outpatient in Premiere Radiation Oncology’s Fort Myers office requiring only local anesthesia and was not painful to the patient who was discharged home directly after the treatment was completed.

Capri™ is a trademark of Varian Medical Systems.

About Premiere Radiation Oncology

Premiere Radiation Oncology is located in Southwest Florida with three centers in Naples, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers. Each center is equipped with Varian TruBeam and Rapid Arc technology with the latest TruBeam STx™ in their Fort Myers location. For more information visit: www.premiereradiationoncology.com

About Varian

Varian Medical Systems, Inc., of Palo Alto, California, is the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiotherapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy, and brachytherapy. For more information, visit www.varian.com.


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