Thursday, October 21, 2021

Campers Turn Beach Trash into Art

What can be done with all that trash picked up during a beach clean-up? The Beach and Coastal Resources Advisory Committee (BACR) brought some of their “prized found objects” to the campers at Mackle Park. These pieces were perfect for a contemporary art project for the young participants.

Two groups of campers sorted through candy wrappers, shredded paper, colorful bottle caps and assorted plastic pieces and turned them into star fish and sea turtle art.

BACR Vice Chair Bob Eastman and member Ruth McCann shared with their young eager audience the dangers of leaving trash on the beach and how marine life such as sea turtles might mistake a shiny plastic bag for its favorite food – a jelly fish.

The coffee we drink from Dunkin Donuts comes with a plastic top. Those single use plastic bags make life very convenient for everybody – but when plastic pieces are discarded improperly, a lot of them end up in our oceans.

This is the fourth year that BACR has participated in a Mackle Park camp session and it is part of their educational outreach to inspire young audiences on how to become better stewards of their local wildlife and beach.

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