Thursday, January 27, 2022

Camp Mackle: Week 3 – U.S.A.

Posing with the Marco Island Police Department. Submitted

Posing with the Marco Island Police Department. Submitted

Mackle Park was alive with patriotism this week as Camp Mackle celebrated the Fourth of July by “visiting” the United States of America.  The week started with a Pancake Flip where campers tested their skills at catching flipping hot cakes with their plates.  This event was complete with butter, syrup, and, of course, music.  Once the campers’ bellies were full they intently listened to a presentation given by a Park Ranger from Collier-Seminole State Park who educated the campers on Florida history and the Seminole culture in Southwest Florida.  In the afternoon, the campers began what would become a week-long baseball tournament and wrote letters of support and appreciation to our troops stationed overseas in Afghanistan.  The Marco Lutheran Church picked up the campers’ letters and cards to include in the packages they are sending over to the troops.

The Marco Island Police Department and the Marco Island Fire Rescue Department also visited Camp Mackle to present on the important roles they serve in our community.  The campers received a police badge and got to play under the fire hose waterfall being sprayed from the top of the fire truck’s ladder.  The week of U.S.A. would not be complete without the kids having an opportunity to make their own Nascars and then race them.  On Thursday, the campers battled it out in a game of American Jeopardy.  We were amazed by how much the campers knew about the U.S.A.!!!!  The week ended with an All-American Barbecue, an apple pie baking demonstration, and an American Idol contest.  Camp Mackle campers and staff went into the Fourth of July weekend exhausted from a week filled with fun and excitement and with enhanced pride for the country they call home!

After enjoying a three-day, holiday weekend, the campers will return to Camp Mackle where they will be journeying to the Caribbean.  This week will be filled with pirates, treasure hunts, and beach fun!  We look forward to you joining our next adventure!!

For more information about this program please call Mackle Park at 642-0575.

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