Saturday, December 4, 2021

Call to contractors

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Jane Watt, Chairman of the Marco Island Academy, held a meeting at 2255 San Marco Road near the Estuary Condominiums, the future site of the school. Paul Meyer, assisting the school in procuring contractors and services, called on local contractors to offer their input for site work. The work is in advance of ten pre-manufactured buildings scheduled to be installed on the site. “Our preference is to work with local companies before we look outside Marco Island,” confirmed Jane Watt.

The school had planned to begin construction on the site last year. However, plans changed when First Baptist Church on Winterberry offered space at their facility for their first year. “Marco Island Academy is going ahead with the plans for the site. Once the site is ready with concrete slabs and is maneuverable, the manufacturer will come in and put in the units panel by panel. The supplier, MDSI, is from central Florida. The units are hurricane rated and are considered ‘green’ being made with 70% recycled materials,” said Paul. Contractors at the site received blueprints prepared by LIS Engineering. A follow up meeting was scheduled after the contractors reviewed them.

Several tortoises and bromeliads were relocated prior to the construction anticipated to begin last year. Matt Finn, a tortoise expert from Huckleberry Environmental Services who was present at the meeting, said two will need to be moved now but are covered under the original permit. Other contractors showing interest at the meeting were Glenn Babst of Glenn’s Plumbing, Rob Whitman of Whitman Industries, Alex Parker and Alex, Jr. of AP Builders, Gregory from Eli Contracting, Wayne Hoge and Kelvin Anderson of Hoge Construction, Bill from Quality Enterprises, Chris Nirenburg from Mitchell and Starks and Randy Shannon from Stagecoach Restorations. Richard from Gulf Sands couldn’t make the first meeting but will participate at the next meeting.

“First, we need to know what work needs to be done at the site to be able to maneuver around, and get the turn lane put in. Then we can plan out a time line taking us through the installation of the buildings which should be complete around the beginning of July, 2012. This will give us 30 days to get moved in and work on the technical side of the school such as phones, internet and audio/video equipment. We’d love to work with companies that understand any contribution or reduced cost in providing services to the building of this school is doing something beneficial for this community.” Paul added the Marco Island Academy will offer naming rights to each of the six classrooms if anyone wants more information, please contact the school at 239/393-5133.

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