Thursday, December 2, 2021

Call for Knitters!

On their way to their goal of 2,400 hats. SUBMITTED PHOTO

On their way to their goal of 2,400 hats. SUBMITTED PHOTO

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Sandy Boy collects hats! Lots and lots of hats! She knits them. She crochets them. She gathers them from others who, like Sandy, want to use their talents and hobbies for a good cause. This year, Sandy’s goal is 2,400 hats for Bedtime Bundles. At this time, she has 800 and that doesn’t include the 109 that were distributed with bundles during Impact Day held at Lely High School. The 109 children were determined to be in the highest need category, ages 3-12.”

Imagine the hours of time and the skeins of yarn needed for such a feat! Sandy explains, “It takes about an hour to crochet a hat and longer to knit one. I can have four going on at the same time; one in the living room, one in the bedroom, one on the patio, one at the kitchen table. For me, it’s therapeutic! There is always a need, so it is an ongoing project.”

Sandy doesn’t do it all by herself of course! The Charity Knitters of San Marco help out as does the Island Knitters Club held at Mackle Park. Phyllis Mueller and Marilyn Carpenter of Charity Knitters donated several of the hats displayed at Sandy’s home, “We’ve had other projects we work on. We just sent out 86 blankets to Christ Child in Naples which goes to unwed mothers. In order to help achieve the goal of 2,300 hats, we will try to concentrate our efforts to Bedtime Bundles now.” Sandy points to a box which contains 70 store bought knit caps. “One member of Charity Knitters was hospitalized. She felt she wasn’t able to do enough so



she bought these hats (still in packaging) to donate to the project. She wasn’t obligated! Imagine what a big heart she has to do such a thing! She was so kind.”

“There are no requirements or minimums. You can join a group, or drop into a group or work on your own. In season, we have about 35 women who come in regularly. Last week, it was 18. It’s a great group,” Phyllis commented. “If you prefer to work on your own, you can drop off your creations at the church office or contact Sandy Boy.”

Cheryl Mueller, Acting Director of Bedtime Bundles (while Karen Saeks was away) added, “Bedtime Bundles has donated over 6,000 bundles since 2006. Every child in the Title One program registered as a migrant is entitled. I’ve been able to bring down the cost of each bundle from $45.00 to about $25.00. Of course, Bedtime Bundles will take donations. Sandy will make sure you receive a letter recognizing the tax deductible donation, if requested.”

Sandy recently worked with Rafael Oliverias, of Collier County Sheriff’s office liaison for anti-slave and human trafficking project director. “We need the people who knit and crochet! Blankets, hats, scarves and sweaters are all needed. Sandy said she often finds packages at her doorstep filled with knitted items or someone will call for a pick-up. The need is always there. Knit away, we’ll make sure it gets to where it is needed most!”

Charity Knitters of San Marco meet every Thursday 1:00-3:30 at the San Marco Parish Center. Island Knitters meet every Wednesday at Mackle Park 12:30-3:30. Sandy Boy can be reached at 239/389-5394.

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