Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Busy Season in Progress




Donna Fiala

The last tour of this season is coming up on Wednesday, February 15th at 3 PM, and this will be an unusual tour. We will tour the medical examiner’s facility. I bet many of you didn’t even know we had a medical examiner in Collier County. It is located in the Industrial Park off Airport Road, and we will meet there. Again, you must email or call Mike in my office at michaelbrownlee@colliergov.net or 239-252-8601 to make reservations. It doesn’t look like the facilities on TV, but we have one. Come see and learn for yourself.

Did any of you know we have a Cleveland Club in the County, and Marco Island and East Naples have citizens that attend regularly? It only meets three times a year, but Joan & Bob Miller from Marco, and Lois & Joe LaGruth of Royal Wood were all there as usual. It felt so good to see people from my hometown who danced just that way I did back then, and they danced away the night. In searching the list of over 200 attendees I also found Barbara Miller from Marco Island and Peggy Reagan from East Naples.

The Installation of the 2017 Board of Directors for the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce was held last week, and at the same time the Graduation of the Leadership Marco Class of 2016 was celebrated at Hideaway Beach Club. President of the Chamber, Alex Parker III, did an outstanding job of exclaiming his enthusiasm for this board, and a moving speech to inspire all. Erik Condee is the president-elect, Dan Collardey (SpeakEasy) is the secretary, and Susan Ackerson (Marco Pub and Realtor) is the treasurer. And of course, as you’ve all read, our wonderful Dianna Dohm is the new executive director of the Chamber, taking over for the retiring Sandi Lazarus, who served so well for many, many years. Loyal employees Donna Niemczyk and Katie O’Hara were there taking care of all the details, as usual, with smiles on their faces the whole time.

The San Marco Columbiette’s held their Annual Dinner Dance recently, and speaking of dancing, those people don’t get off the dance floor! They literally dance the night away! I love watching Lou Prigge dance. He has all the moves of New Jersey teenager. We are all so happy to see Lou up and around again. The food was so good (thanks to Bill and his team of kitchen workers), and the entertainers were outstanding! Their singing and music kept people on their feet dancing the whole night. There is always something happening on Marco Island, isn’t there? The baskets they raffled off were over the top outstanding, and the tables were decorated beautifully, thanks to Barbara Prigge. Everyone was smiling and happy.

The East Naples Civic Association had a marvelous Annual Dinner and Installation of Officers recently at the new Arlington. What a lovely setting that was! The Arlington outdid themselves to make the event overly successful. Christopher Shucart was installed as the president again (they won’t let him go because he does such an outstanding job!). It’s great to see this organization growing. Everyone had a marvelous time at the beautiful Arlington. The East Naples Civic Association will be working towards a plan for the U.S. 41E corridor to make it more attractive for businesses to come to the area with their sit-down restaurants and retail stores. We have way too many take-out places, but very few actual restaurants where people can sit and dine and communicate. Luckily we have the ever-popular Eurasia (such amazing food!), the sought-after 21 Spices, the Italian food DiJulios – a constant favorite for many years (and speaking of Italian – Brunina’s Restaurant is so good!), and the ever-lovin’ Erin’s Isle Irish Restaurant, with our favorite guy Mike Ward bringing lots of entertainment and dancing. Of course, we have the favorites of Carrabba’s and Outback Steakhouse – and WOW are they crowded as well. People in our area just do not want to travel up to the north end of the county to eat. They like staying closer to home.

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