Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Business Brief: WJ Bradley Mortgage comes to Marco



By Coastal Breeze News Staff

An independent mortgage lending firm, WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital, has expanded into this market with the opening of a new Marco Island branch headed by Kimberli Escarra. The firm was founded in 2003 in Denver, Colorado and has grown rapidly, now in 16 states.

By 2012, in just nine short years, WJ Bradley (WJB) was 8th in the country in volume.

WJB leverages the ‘flat organizational structure’ of its competitor’s, with fewer levels between staff and managers. As such, WJB empowers employees to be directly involved in the decision-making process, a winning concept with their customers. WJB strategically goes

Kimberli Escarra. Submitted Photos

Kimberli Escarra. Submitted Photos

after the ‘middle market’ of the mortgage lending industry between mega lender and smaller local brokers.

WJB claims to be head and shoulders above the competition in their ability to recruit and retain the finest loan originators the industry has to offer. Kim is a fine example of this philosophy, with 30 years of experience serving the local market with mortgage products.

“I am honored to be representing such an innovative company. A company principle, a reduction in bureaucracy, is a benefit to our customers, as are our product offerings. WJB makes it so easy to work with people. We can handle many



of these underwriting processes in hours, much quicker than other companies. My goal is to educate and advise clients on their home financing options and become a trusted advisor and lender for life,” states Kim

CBN_A11-5“Our product line includes FHA, VA, conventional mortgages, numerous Jumbo products, 203(k) streamline and standard, HomePath, Teacher/Officer/Firefighter Next Door as well as other plans to suit a variety of customer needs. We look forward to you helping you get the mortgage you want.”

Kim’s office is located at 950 N. Collier Boulevard, Suite 201. You can contact her at 239-244-9080.

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