Sunday, October 24, 2021

BUSINESS BRIEF: Simply Siblings



By Marilyn Honahan

There are many local business partnerships made up of husbands and wives, fathers and sons and mothers and daughters. However, one of the latest businesses to open its doors on Marco Island is actually sibling-owned. Brother and sister, Nick and Kristina Lambros recently opened Simply Cupcakes located at 912 North Collier Blvd, next to Island Pizza.

This new venture grew from a desire to relocate to Marco Island where Kristina and Nick’s grandparents moved a number of years ago.

CBN_A16-2The siblings, both of whom studied business in their respective schools, desired to open



a business that would be both fun and fill a need on the Island. When the opportunity to purchase the available franchise arose, they jumped at the chance. The creative siblings, along with their father, did most of the renovations to the empty storefront, building counters, shelves and display cases to showcase their namesake product, a large assortment of cupcakes. They designed and built a comfortable, colorful and cozy atmosphere in which to enjoy a dessert and conversation.

They recently held a soft opening and are planning much more to come. They will soon be featuring soft yogurt as well as their other tasty treats.

Kristina and Nick,

Painting by Local artist Carolyn Berger.

Painting by Local artist Carolyn Berger.

both young and innovative, have been working with the local Artist Colony and one wall of the shop is adorned by the artwork of ten local artists. They plan to change the display on a bi-monthly basis. All of the artwork is for sale, as well. One local artist, Carolyn Berger painted a mural on one wall displaying cute cupcake people on the beach. They’ve also created a sign-up wall where guests can sign their names, their hometown and add whatever message they’d like to share.

Kris and Nick invite both residents and visitors to stop in and say hello, check out their new venture, pick up a treat and enjoy!

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