Sunday, October 24, 2021

Business Brief: Marco Island Skin & Body Boutique



By Natalie Strom

“When you go to bed at night your skin should be as clean as a baby’s bottom when you put it to bed.”

This somewhat odd sounding sentence couldn’t sound any sweeter when spoken by Pamela Campbell of Marco Island Skin & Body Boutique. Open for just over a year, Campbell’s company offers a wide array of skin treatments, “after all, your skin is the largest organ you have, but it’s so easily neglected,” points out Campbell.

Marco Island Skin & Body Boutique offers massages, waxing, make-up, facials, micropeels, dermal rejuvenation, collagen CO-Q10 facials and more. “I believe we are the only place on the island that offers spray tans,” she adds.

But Campbell is most excited about her recent certification for microcurrent rejuvenation.

“Microcurrent has been used in physical therapy; it’s been used in wound healing. What it does is it works with the natural current in your own body and it stimulates the muscles to either lengthen the muscle or shorten the muscle. By doing that it also stimulates collagen.”

Campbell is currently certified to work on the face and neck – there are 32 muscles in your face alone – but will soon be getting certified on the rest of the body. “It’s really amazing what it can do. For example, a woman’s just had a baby and just wants to tone up that stomach area a bit. This would be perfect.”

Campbell admits it can’t do as much as regular exercise, but she does compare the microcurrent treatments to it. “It’s cumulative. Just like when you exercise, you go once and it feels good, but to see lasting results you have to go more than one time. Once you get to a point where you are happy, then it’s all about maintaining.”

After a full consultation, Campbell would recommend to the customer how many times they should

Owner, Pamela Campbell at her work station. Photos by Natalie Strom

Owner, Pamela Campbell at her work station. Photos by Natalie Strom

come in for maximum results. “It’s usually between five to ten treatments,” she explains.

First Campbell cleanses the face and neck and then adds a gel to stimulate the current through the face. Using gloves that look like mesh armor, but feel much nicer Pamela turns on the machine, allowing the microcurrent to go through her gloves. “I put on latex gloves first so that the microcurrent doesn’t go through me. That would be pointless,” she laughs. Campbell massages the face mostly in an upward motion, often times having her customers fall asleep at how relaxing the 40-minute process feels.

Photos of before and after show dramatic differences in the lift and structure of the face after the rejuvenation.

“It’s a wonderful treatment for people who don’t want to go under the knife,” she adds. Maybe they don’t want Botox and fillers, but for those who do have Botox and fillers it’s a wonderful treatment because it’s going to prolong the life (of those treatments).”

Campbell says the treatments can be preventative for the younger generations as well.

Leaving Marco Island Skin and Body Boutique after a microcurrent automatically lifts you, literally and figuratively. Because when you feel good about how you look, you feel more confident about who you are. “That’s why our logo is ‘Bringing out the Best in You!’”

And Campbell means it. She openly admits that she absolutely loves what she does and is excited to come to work every day. Her boutique is immaculate and stylish just as is her appearance. Spend some time at Marco Island Skin and Body Boutique and you are certainly in for a treat, regardless of your choice of treatment.

Find Marco Island Skin and Body Boutique in the Royal Palm Suites on the corner of Bald Eagle Drive and Collier Boulevard, 997 N. Collier Blvd. Or for more information, call the boutique at 239-398-0244.

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