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By Coastal Breeze News Staff 

Some of the simplest pleasures of life are enjoyed on the ubiquitous lanais and terraces of Southwest Florida. These spaces provide the best features of indoor and outdoor living, places where homeowners can enjoy the fresh subtropical air while reading the morning newspaper, relaxing over cocktails or watching the sunset over the Gulf.

Many Southwest Florida homeowners have electric storm shutters on their lanais. They like to leave their shutters open as much as possible to let in the abundant Florida sunshine, and they close them when they sense that rain is imminent. But everyone with a lanai or terrace knows that rain showers can also blow in when no one is home (or awake) to close the shutters, and a mess invariably results. Chair cushions get soaked, and floor tiles and rugs are covered with the dirty residue that results from rain washing particles off the screens. Cleaning up is not fun. Wouldn’t it be great if your shutters would close automatically if a rain shower occurred while you were asleep, out for dinner or away for the weekend?

This was the inspiration for DryLanai, a new wireless electronic system that detects the onset of rain and closes electric storm shutters automatically, preventing damage to lanai or terrace furnishings and relieving

Rich and Glenna Jones, local distributors.

Rich and Glenna Jones, local distributors.

homeowners from the drudgery of cleaning up the messes that unexpected rain showers leave behind.

This is how DryLanai works: A Wall Controller replaces the electrical switches that ordinarily raise and lower your shutters, and one or more Rain Sensors sit on the lanai floor and detect rain. When a rain drop lands on the surface of a Rain Sensor, the Sensor transmits a wireless signal to the Wall Controller, which immediately closes the storm shutters, protecting the lanai and its contents from the rain. And DryLanai means more than just a “dry lanai.” An optional Hand-Held Remote enables you to raise or lower the shutters from the kitchen, a bedroom or any other convenient or comfortable place in the home.

DryLanai products were developed by PJNF Technologies, Inc., a home-grown business headquartered in Naples, and are 100% manufactured, assembled, tested and packaged in Florida. Now PJNF Technologies Inc. has teamed up with the venerable electrical service company, Rich Jones Electric Inc., to provide Marco Island residents with the latest convenience and protection feature for their homes. The combination of “Automatic Rain Protection for Outdoor Rooms” and “Nice People Working for Nice People” will make life on your lanai or terrace even more pleasurable.

Find out more about DryLanai. Visit or call Rich Jones Electric, Inc. at (239) 394- 5985 today for a free in-home consultation and estimate.

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