Saturday, June 25, 2022

Bully Book Read by Burton

“Bully Billy is Back” Submitted Photo

“Bully Billy is Back” Submitted Photo


Hot off the press, Dr. Dolores Burton read her new book, “Bully Billy is Back: Burrowing Owls are Worried,” at the Marco Island Public Library recently. The audience of young children with their parents listened attentively to the new story. Jo-Ann Sanborn, a local artist, illustrated the new book. The book is a delightful story of Manny, a diminutive burrowing owl, who has difficulty learning new things, and Bully Billy, a great horned owl. While bullying Manny, Bully Billy is injured and Manny saves the day by flying to his assistance. Bully Billy is saved and the experience changed his mind about being a bully.

The book is easy to read, beautifully illustrated and makes a perfect pairing to Dr. Burton’s first owl book, “But You Don’t Look Like Me.” Books are available for purchase at Jo-Ann Sanborn’s Sunshine Studios at the Esplanade and at Dr. Burton’s website at

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