Thursday, January 20, 2022

Brochure highlights the arts on Marco Island

The Arts Advisory Committee of Marco Island has produced a brochure intended to highlight the City’s growing art collection, and to provide an Arts Guide and map for visitors to the City. The colorful brochure contains a map showing the location of the City’s public art, as well as the locations of galleries, both public and private, arts education facilities and Marco Island’s Artist Colony.

Marco Island has a number of public sculptures and installations, as well as a terrific photo collection, paintings, and stained glass, but they are not easily discovered by the public. With the brochure as a guide, visitors and residents alike will be able to visit one destination or do a driving tour around the island for a more complete art experience.

Local galleries were delighted to be included. Christie Marcoplos, owner of Blue Mangrove Gallery at Town Center Mall says, “This is a wonderful way to let people know where on the island they can view and purchase original art. Incorporating our local art businesses should help to increase traffic and boost our local economy.”

“People come over the bridge, think the island is very beautiful, but don’t really know what to do here,” said Jo-Ann Sanborn, founder of the Artist Colony at the Esplanade and also a Committee member, especially if they come for just a day. This brochure will give them something to focus on, and to help them find Marco’s art treasures

Arts Advisory Committee Chairman Howard Blankman worked with graphic designer Sandi Johnson to produce the brochure and map. “It was a cooperative effort,” he said, “and this is our first result. If you know of an art entity that was not included, please let us know, since if it is successful we may reprint.”

The brochure is a first in a series of steps the Arts Advisory Committee hopes to take to highlight the arts on Marco. Under consideration is an arts award, an arts forum and an operatic performance.

The brochure can be picked up at City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce, all three galleries of the Artist Colony at the Esplanade, the Art League of Marco Island, Mackle Park, the Marco Island Historical Society, or participating art merchants Blue Mangrove Gallery, Tycoon Gallery and Wyland Gallery.

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