Friday, January 28, 2022

Brie and mushroom soup



By Chef Annie

Cheese…it’s not just for crackers anymore! One of my favorites, Brie, soft and creamy with such mass appeal.

Recently, while making Cream of Mushroom soup, I decided to add a twist to this much loved favorite. I began with two quarts of beef stock, two quarts of sliced mushrooms and 8 ounces of Brie, rind and all. As I brought this to a rolling boil, I added ••• cup of cooking sherry. The Brie had melted and blended nicely, with the rind floating, which I skimmed off the top. My next step was to add a quart of Heavy Whipping Cream, yes, Heavy, no skim milk for me. The fragrance of the Brie, mushrooms and sherry were intoxicating. To bring this soup to the creaminess I wanted, I needed to prepare a rue, yes, real butter and flour were the next necessary ingredients. As I melted the ••• pound of butter over medium heat, I added a cup of flour and stirred for three minutes to combine them into a creamy goodness! This rue was then stirred into my mushroom and Brie stock and simmered over low heat for about 20 minutes. “Wow, this is delicious” and “this is Heavenly” were two of our customer’s comments. Cream of Mushroom with Brie has become another favorite at The Chefs Express.

To enjoy Brie in other dishes, I also add it to our French Onion soup or sandwich it in a buttery croissant with sliced beef tenderloin and fresh arugula…yummy to say the least.

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