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Breast Health at Physicians Regional



To Your Health
Scott Lowe
CEO, Physicians Regional-Collier Blvd

Once again, it’s October and the world has suddenly turned pink—and for very good reason.

For many years, pink has been the color most commonly associated with October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The correlation between “pink” and health care isn’t a new concept. In centuries past, the phrase “in the pink” was synonymous with being in good health—both physically and emotionally.

Though I applaud the various shades of pink that seem to pop up everywhere during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a focus on women’s health must be maintained every day of the year—hence Physicians Regional’s decision to make women’s health such a significant focus.

3D Mammography

One of the newest technological advances in women’s health is 3D mammography, a breakthrough technology available to patients at the Comprehensive Breast Center at Physicians Regional.

To explain: conventional 2D mammograms require physicians to evaluate breast concerns using a 2D image. This can be limiting due to overlapping layers of tissue. What’s more, a 2D mammogram can sometimes produce unclear results, false alarms, or—the worst-case scenario—cancer being missed.

This 3D technology (tomosynthesis) provides three-dimensional images of the breast by using a technology similar to CT scans. These enhanced exams deliver a series of highly detailed breast images.

Though the Comprehensive Breast Center at Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard has been in operation for almost two years, it has an exceptional new leader: breast-health champion, Dr. Troy Shell.

“3D mammography enables a radiologist to see so much more. We don’t just see a flat picture of a breast, we see a ‘movie’ of the tissues, layer by layer,” says Dr. Shell. This increased accuracy means better breast cancer detection and a reduced chance of being called back for additional mammographic views.

More on Dr. Troy Shell

Dr. Shell received her Doctor of Medicine from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia, followed by an internship at the University Of Virginia Department of Surgery in Charlottesville. For her residency, she returned to Eastern Virginia Medical School and their Department of Surgery.

She is also the only fellowship-trained breast surgeon in Collier County—an accreditation that can only be obtained by additional intensive focus on all aspects of breast-health surgical and medical

Dr. Troy Shell,  Physicians Regional’s ComprehensiveBreast Center. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Dr. Troy Shell, Physicians Regional’s ComprehensiveBreast Center. SUBMITTED PHOTO


“Breast care can be so complicated,” she says. “I don’t think you really pick up on the nuances until you get through fellowship. I ultimately spent an entire year completing my fellowship at Emory University in Atlanta. During this time, I was focused exclusively on breast health.”

As the leader of the Comprehensive Breast Center, Dr. Shell’s focus is on suspected or diagnosed breast-health issues. Plus, Dr. Shell is 100% devoted to breast care. As a result, she is on top of the latest research, technology, clinical trials, surgical and treatment options available.

For example, if your OB/GYN or primary care physician orders a mammogram that produces a cause for concern, Dr. Shell will direct you through the entire continuum of recommended care—with the assistance of her dedicated, full-time Breast Navigator Julie Johnson.

The exceptional team at the Physicians Regional’s Comprehensive Breast Center focuses on multi-disciplinary care such as imaging/ultrasound, clinical breast exams and surgery. They also work closely with their patients’ oncologists, gynecologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons and genetic counselors.

The Comprehensive Breast Center at Physicians Regional also places a significant emphasis on emotional support. Compassionate care is viewed with equal importance to actual physical treatment.

“As a child, I always thought I would be a plastic surgeon. However, during my residency, I found myself really enjoying my breast patients. I loved the relationship aspect of breast care,” recalls Dr. Shell, “There’s a special element of: ‘I’m going to take care of you forever.’”

Coming home

Though Dr. Shell was born and raised in the Virginia, she and her family have been vacationing on Marco Island since she was eight years old.

“I used to drive past the Collier Boulevard Hospital and tell my mom: ‘I’m going to work there! And now I do.”

Welcome Home, Dr. Shell.


The Comprehensive Breast Center is located in the Regional Medical Arts Building at Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard, 8340 Collier Boulevard, Suite 202, Naples, FL 34114. To schedule an appointment, please call 239-348-4396.

MEET DR. SHELL at the upcoming Physicians Regional Healthcare System “Pink Party” on Thursday, October 22 from 6 PM to 9 PM at Naples Luxury Imports, 900 Tamiami Trail North in Naples. For information, please call 239-348-4180.

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