Thursday, October 28, 2021

Breakfast & Birds

A great blue heron proudly stands on a kayak.

A great blue heron proudly stands on a kayak.


The January 2016 Breakfast and Birds, presented by the Friends of Tigertail Beach, was well attended. Over forty persons had their attention on Friends of Tigertail members Susan Kubat and Fran Huxley. They gave a brief description of the birds they might encounter on the walk, as well as explained that many of these birds migrate here for the winter. Does that sound familiar?

On the beach, the birders were greeted by an osprey that swooped down, not once but at least three times to pick up material for building its nest. As the birders walked along the lagoon, Susan and Fran explained what birds they were seeing, their particular behaviors, and how to identify them. It was a

SUBMITTED PHOTOSFriends of Tigertail Breakfast and Birds.

SUBMITTED PHOTOSFriends of Tigertail Breakfast and Birds.

great morning as roseate spoonbills were spotted feeding across the lagoon with a couple of tri-colored heron. Piping plovers, black bellied plovers, as well great egrets were seen. Susan was all excited when she noted red-breasted mergansers (ducks) swimming at the far edge of the lagoon. This was a rare spotting. A great blue heron landed about 20 feet from the crowd and proudly stood at the kayaks. It was a good day.

Friends of Tigertail Beach’s next event for the community, “Discover Tigertail,” will be on February 20 from 9 AM to noon. There will be educational exhibits and hands-on stations for young and old. Mark your calendars.

Check out the website: and the Facebook page (Friends of Tigertail Beach).

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