Sunday, November 28, 2021

Brand Names Sam’s Club, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and More, Coming Soon!



Donna Fiala

Soon the County Commission will be in recess for six weeks, and possibly some of you have wondered why we have a summer recess while others already asked. It started back in the 90’s when unhappy residents felt the Commissioners were approving land use issues and new developments while the residents were away on vacation or back up north to their summer home. After much complaining, the then-Commissioners decided to take a recess the last week of July and the month of August, which pleased the community. That effort was extended a little further two years ago when the present commissioners decided only one meeting in July was necessary, being that most of our residents were already gone. That holds to this day, and we don’t get any complaints that major issues are passed when we have the least residents present. Just thought you’d like to know that.

*A few updates to new businesses coming to our area. The first is a new Hobby Lobby coming to our part of town – located behind the new Outback Steakhouse! Now we’ll have a Michael’s (Craft Shop) in the Tamiami Crossing’s Shopping Center, now being cleared and prepared to build at the corner of Collier Blvd/951 & U. S. 41 E. and a Hobby Lobby. Goodness, all we need now is a JoAnn Fabric and we’ll have it all for those creative people who love these shops. I mentioned before that a WaWa Convenience Store and Gas Pumps are coming to that same area, although across U.S. 41 E. from Outback. Well, they have started clearing the land already. There is a lot of progress taking place in that area, with a natural stop in place so we don’t become another Ft. Lauderdale/Miami. What is that natural stop? It’s Rookery Bay, it’s Collier Seminole State Park, it’s Picayune Strand, it’s Fakahatchee Forest. We can only build out a short distance after Collier Blvd. and we run into one of these natural preserved areas held by the State or the Feds. We’ll always be surrounded by nature, by the Everglades, by the animals.

*Not quite sure yet if I’m able to tell you that the new Sam’s Club will be located on U. S. 41 E. across from the Collier County Government Center, but there it is! Now you know.

*Towne Centre Shopping Center in East Naples has 8 owners, which is why some parts of the shopping center look very nice and some look quite run down. How I wish Goodwill would upgrade and improve their facility! It looks run down and unkempt. BUT – a new facility is coming to the section of Towne Centre that has been upgraded and improved. It is Lucky’s Market! Have you ever heard of them? They started in California and have only chosen a few locations around the country to open their specialized grocery store which features natural and organic foods specially grown for the superior palate. Many people nowadays are going organic or choosing healthier foods, so this new grocery store might be just what you are looking for. You can find them on-line, so check them out, unless you’ve already heard of them. They also have stores in Arizona and Colorado, and more.

*Oh! Another WaWa is also coming to U. S. 41 E at the corner of Rattlesnake Hammock Rd., where the very old shopping center that used to house Sunshine Ace Hardware is located. As news comes in I’ll keep you updated.

*That’s about all I know right now about new development. Hopefully you are enjoying the peace and quiet of the summer, the joys of family and friends, and get some reading time, fix it time, and/or craft time in as well.

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