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Boy Scout Troop 2010 Kicks Off

The prize winning catch was made by Coastal Breeze's own Stephanie Simon (center) with Olivia Stute and Scoutmaster Jeff Pollitt.

The prize winning catch was made by Coastal Breeze’s own Stephanie Simon (center) with Olivia Stute and Scoutmaster Jeff Pollitt.

A mini-carnival was held at Marco Lutheran Church as a kick-off event for Troop 2010, a newly formed troop. It was an opportunity for the community to meet them personally. The carnival featured typical all-time favorite games like a goldfish toss, nerf shooting gallery, football toss, a casting contest and a fishing contest. A Scouting Skills Station was set up where one could practice their hand at knot tying or sign up for more scouting information.

“Some of the members of our new troop came from a troop they were in last year, and another five are new members, according to Danielle Pollitt, (Mrs. Scoutmaster!) The group is community service oriented. They will assist with local causes when possible. We’ve assisted the local VFW and helped the Marco Island Historical Society wrap and transport artifacts. District-wide, the scouts support St. Matthew’s House.”

“We’re so pleased with the response we’ve received in the community,” said Scoutmaster Jeff Pollitt. Prizes, auction items and food were all donated. Marco River Marina supplied the bait for the fishing contest. Sunshine Ace provided a brand new rod and reel as the prize for the contest. Marco Island Princess donated a cruise for two. Publix helped as well as the Snook Inn, Naples Auto Body and the families of boys in the troop all pitched in. “It’s great everyone was so kind to help.”

The Scoutmaster went onto tell us how he baits a hook for the most real life-like action. He went on to help another young scout bait his hook explaining that baiting it yourself is one of the prerequisites for a Fishing Badge while actually catching a fish was not.

The year 2010 is the Boy Scouts of America 100th Year Anniversary. Scouting provides programs that build self-confidence and fitness while reinforcing ethical standards and providing service to others. Literature states scouts are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

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