Friday, October 15, 2021

Boy Howdy – What a Season!




Joanie Fuller

Boy Howdy! We had a neat season here in Goodland this year. Actually to be current and not back in the 50’s, I should say we had an awesome or cool season, shouldn’t I? Well, we definitely had an “AWEsome” season. Let me summarize it for you.

Our second Christmas Bazaar, held in our new Boat Park, was awesome and a jovial Ed Fullmer welcomed everyone in his golf cart. Big crowds, lots of neat kids and cool neighbors joined in the awesome festivities.

Christmas also brought some cool carolers to town.

Ed Fullmer at Christmas Bazaar.

Ed Fullmer at Christmas Bazaar.

Really awesome golf carts with cool decorations were heard and seen riding around with a boom box and about 20 voices singing “Here Comes Santa Claus”. Boy howdy, a good time was had by all.

January’s Mullet Festival was definitely awesome! Can’t you tell from the picture of Fia, Linda and Diane that everyone had an awesome time? Lots of dancing, partying and watching for the Buzzard Queen contest. All for a really neat cause, of course.

The January and March pancake breakfasts brought in record crowds, lots of cool raffle prizes and

Mullet Festival 2012 - Fia, Linda and Diane.

Mullet Festival 2012 – Fia, Linda and Diane.

fun. An awesome group from South Seas on Marco Island comes every time. They keep bringing more and more neat people with them, so now they make a reservation! Thirty cool people arriving at once equals how many pancakes? You do the math! Busy cooks do the best they can and you can bet the pancakes are awesome.

The annual February Boat Parade is always a neat event and raises funds for Avow Hospice. All the boaters, judges and other participants are really neat and they work hard to make it an awesome

Boat Parade.

Boat Parade.

success every year.

Our March Birthday event in the Boat Park is mainly for all the cool kids in the area. Really neat contests, a pet parade, crab races, fish art, fishing, boating, kayaking fill the day. I heard several kids exclaim, “Boy, this is an awesome day!

Goodlanders accomplished quite a bit in the short four months from December to March, don’t ya think? I heard from several Marco Island and Goodland residents that it was a very busy and successful year. Oh, excuse me. I meant to say it was an

Helping with Sand Art.

Helping with Sand Art.

awesome year. You know, I want to be current.

Just a word to the wise though. My fifteen year old granddaughter used the word “intense” to describe some things when she visited over Spring Break. So I am wondering if that is going to be our next overused word. Boy howdy, you know we can’t say “neat”, “awesome” and “cool” forever.

I am thinking that our Goodland season next year might be “intense”. It just about was this year.

Joanie Fuller is the President of the Goodland Civic Association. She and her husband of 47 years, David Fuller, are residents of Goodland.

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