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Marco Island is a lot more than a sleepy little island on the edge of the Everglades. It’s a place where painters, writers and photographers do their stuff – and do it very well indeed.

Want a good sample of local writer’s? Mike Held, proprietor of the Keep in Touch Store, located at the Shops of Marco (site of the “Big Publix”) is holding a Local Author’s Week at his store featuring works of four of our local writers.

On March 15, the main attraction will be KG Dowling’s “Mango Island”, a comic look at diverse personalities that migrate to Florida to pursue the famous American Dream. In it two illegals, Manuel and Manuella Manuel flee Colombia on a marijuana-laden boat and wind up on the shores of Mango Island. There they discover that they are not alone. They share the scenery with wealthy Iowa farmers, a bankrupt diamond broker, an exiled prince and a porn star.

Gina Sisbarro, well known on Marco Island for her work in sports and recreation, is also very active in arts and entertainment. She’s written three columns as well as freelance newspaper work. On March 16, Gina will be available for a book signing for her novel “Finally Found”. This is the story of Lani, who leads a quiet life as a nurse for comatose patients. Inside the very private life of the nurse Lani yearns for more excitement; particularly the kind she reads about in novels of romance, adventure and passion. As if transported into one of her books, Lani suddenly finds herself dealing with billionaire Nero Whitmore, believed to be a drug runner for a (you guessed it) Colombian cartel! What follows is all the mystery and intrigue Lani has been dreaming about.

On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, you can be treated to a book by Kevin Hennings who is a member of the Marco Island Police Department. Kevin worked in an undercover capacity for almost a decade, including the shady world of narcotics. Kevin’s book, “Clear Blue Haze”, born of his experiences dealing with the underworld of crime and depravity, is the first of a series based on Kevin’s real life adventures.

On Friday you can meet David Gray, author of The Code of the Human Spirit: A window on the soul. The tale travels from ancient Egypt through modern-day genetics, offering a suspenseful story about defining the human soul. It’s a creative story which engages readers to ponder the ‘what if’ this is all true question.

Treat yourself to meeting the authors and learning about their new books by visiting Keep in Touch on March 15, 16, 17 and 18.

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