Friday, December 3, 2021

Bocce League Gearing Up for Season

Photos by Steve Stefanides


When conversation turns to sports on Marco Island, those discussions no longer just involve golf, tennis, racquet ball, softball or even pickleball. Instead, youre hearing more and more about Bocce Ball. The sport itself appears to date back to around 5200 B.C. based on discoveries by an English scientist of paintings in an ancient Egyptian tomb of young men playing the sport. 

Also played in Greece and in Rome, it would become known as a favorite pastime of Roman noblemen. Fast forward hundreds of years, and in 1896 during a resurgence of its popularity, Athens, Greece, would come to host the first Bocce Olympiad, propelling it to become a part of international sports. 

It is therefore natural that the sport of Bocce has become another popular pastime here on Marco Island, joining many other athletic endeavors so popular here on the island, especially during the busy winter and spring seasons.



Young and old, men and women enjoy the sport, and the Marco Island Bocce League is ramping up for another busy season beginning shortly after the first of the year. 

Charlie Pineno has worked hard to educate those on the island to create the Marco Island Bocce League, which has become an active group at Mackle Park. “We welcome both residents and visitors that come down during the season to sign up and become active within the league. All players regardless of skill level, along with men and women, join together in spirited competition and enjoy a wonderful experience together,” said Pineno. 

Those that are interested may pick up a registration form at the front desk at Mackle Park or visit the organization’s website at You may also call Pineno at 540-336-4121 to obtain more information regarding the league and all it has to offer. 



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