Monday, October 18, 2021

Bob Rommel Speaks to Republican National Hispanic Assembly in Marco

Photos submitted by Maria Lamb | Florida Representative Bob Rommel of District 106 was a guest speaker at the RNHA’s November 21st meeting at the residence of Bill & Roseanne Christ.

On November 21st, the Republican National Assembly of Florida (RNHA) welcomed Florida Representative Bob Rommel of District 106 as its special guest. The event was held at the residence of Bill and Roseanne Christ.

According to RNHA’s Chairwoman Yvette Benarroch, the Chapter’s mission is to “Encourage Hispanic Americans to participate in our political process, address issues and interests that affect our local communities and promote conservative values of love of God, Country and values of hard work.” 

Yvette is the owner of Affordable Landscaping Service in Marco Island and is proud to say that “they are living the American dream thanks to the opportunity that is available to all Americans.” She is a US Air Force Veteran and is proud that her son Zachary has joined the Lely JROTC and is following in her footsteps. 

Nanette Rivera, RNHA’s Vice Chair, also shares in the “American dream.” She has lived in Marco for the past 20 years and believes that conservative American values are equal to Hispanic values. Hispanics focus on family prosperity which comes from quality education and job opportunities. As people of faith, Hispanics respect all people’s rights to pursue their happiness.

Guest Speaker Bob Rommel was born and raised in Keyport, New Jersey, and is a product of a hard-working small town where he said, “most of the families struggled to just survive.” His parents raised him to focus on hard work and respect for others. Bob credits these valuable lessons which helped lead him into a very successful life. His father told him early on that “there is no such thing as free a lunch.” 

Bob told the audience that “I am not supposed to be here because of my background but because of the opportunities in our country, I’ve lived a successful life.” 

In his outreach to Hispanics, students and other groups across the state, Bob always shared the conservative values he grew up with and which speaks to his core beliefs as an individual.

  • We believe in God.
  • We Love Our Family.
  • We Work Hard Which Leads to Opportunities.
  • There is No Such Thing as Free Lunch.

RNHA Chair Yvette Benarroch, Bob Rommel, Vice Chair Nanette Rivera and District 1 Commissioner Donna Fiala.

Someone from the audience asked him, “In the Florida Legislature, do you work well with each other?” 

“Surprisingly, yes,” Rommel responded. His reason for this is that a balanced budget forces you to work together, even if you have policy differences. Everyone wants to get their projects funded and have something positive to show constituents back home. In Washington DC, there is no need to balance the budget and nobody cares.

What are the primary water quality problems the Legislature is focusing on right now? Rommel responded that we need to speed up funding for the projects that we have on the books such as Everglades Restoration.

Are you going to run for Congressman Francis Rooney’s District 19th? Rommel responded that a lot of people are thinking about it. Looking at the demographics, it may appear like a Lee County controlled seat (Lee has 2/3rds of the voters while Collier County has 1/3rd) with about 800,000 people. 

Please save the Date: December 11th, 2019, Father Orsi—a widely published Catholic commentator at the Hammock Bay Country Club. RNHA is co-sponsoring this event with the Republican Club of South Collier County. For more information on RNHA or on Father Orsi’s event, please email Yvette Benarroch at


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