Friday, December 3, 2021

Boat Ramp Etiquette for Your Next Saltwater Outing

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When planning your perfect fishing outing, there are probably many things that cross your mind to ensure you have a great day on the water. The best way to accomplish that is to start things right. That is where boat ramp etiquette comes into play. 

Today, we will discuss boat ramp etiquette for your next saltwater outing. Following these tips will allow you to better prepare for your next trip. 

Start at The Parking Lot 

When you get to your destination, find an area in the parking lot where you will not be blocking anyone. You want to make sure people can still pull in around you.  

This is where you will begin staging your boat. Check your drain plug, get your lines out, and prepare for your turn at the ramp. You also want to go ahead and mount your navigation lights before you approach the boat ramp. 

Respect Traffic Lines 

You always want to follow traffic lines, especially during peak season when the boat ramps fill up pretty quickly. Always approach the ramp with caution, and respect the other boaters and anglers. 

Have Someone Assist You 

It always helps to have an extra set of hands when you are offloading your boat at the ramp. You can divide the tasks involved between you and the other person. This will help you manage your time and make the process more efficient. 

Avoid Socializing at The Ramp 

Making conversation can be done out on the water but not at the boat ramp. People waiting will not appreciate being held back just so you can catch up with other anglers. Focus on what you have to do to get your boat ready. That way, you can have a faster and more efficient send-off. 

Don’t Power Load The Boat  

When you are retrieving your boat from the water after your trip, avoid power loading it back onto the trailer while you are on the boat ramp. Approach at a normal speed, and use a winch cable to pull the boat up onto the trailer. 

With these rules of boat ramp etiquette, you will have a more peaceful and productive day out on the water without getting on the nerves of other boaters and anglers. 

Don’t want to deal with boat ramp congestion and traffic during peak seasons? Consider chartering a boat for your next outing instead. 

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