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Board Vacancies

The Collier County Board of County Commissioners is seeking applications for positions on several advisory committees.

The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee currently has four vacancies representing the following:

  • Employers in Local Jurisdiction (Term expires on October 1, 2014);
  • Resident within Local Governing Body (Term expires November 18, 2015);
  • Labor Actively Engaged in Home Building (Term expires October 1, 2015); and Alternate Member.

One of the above must be a resident of Immokalee.

This is an 11 member committee created by Ordinance No.91?65, as amended, to monitor the implementation of the Affordable Housing Task Force’s recommendations, and the goals, objectives, and policies of the Housing Elements of the County’s Growth Management Plan and the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The committee also determines the effect of proposed ordinances of affordable housing, and makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners and the Naples City Council; and investigates any other relevant areas so directed by the Board of County Commissioners. The Board of County Commissioners will appoint nine members, including the alternate member. The City of Naples will appoint two members. Terms are three years.

The Animal Services Advisory Board has one vacancy for a Veterinarian or Vet Technician to join this seven member board that was created on January 27, 2004 by Ordinance No. 2004-06. It is tasked to make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on programs, services, classes and special events that will further assist Collier County Domestic Animal Services in providing the best possible service to the community. They will also analyze and review construction and improvements to Domestic animal Services facilities and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners regarding such facilities. After initial appointments, terms will be four years.

The ATV Park Site Ad Hoc Committee has two vacancies for alternate committee members who may vote in the absence of a regular member. The seven member committee was established by the Board of County Commissioners in June 2012 by Resolution No. 2012-110 to assist the Board in identifying lands appropriate and suitable for an ATV Park. Committee members shall be comprised of community members who are ATV riders and who have demonstrated a substantial interest in working with Collier County staff to determine a potential site for the ATV Park. The term for each alternate is for the term of the committee which shall automatically sunset in June 2013 unless there is further action by the Board to extend the committee.

The Bayshore/Gateway Triangle Local Redevelopment Advisory Board has one vacancy for a new term that will expire on May 22, 2015, in the category Davis Boulevard Business Owner. The Advisory Board was created by Resolution 2001-98 on March 27, 2001, to review the Redevelopment Plan, to make recommendations to the Community Redevelopment Agency, to receive input from members of the public interested in their respective component areas and to report such information to the Community Redevelopment Agency. Resumes will be accepted from all interested parties, including Bayshore residents, Gateway Triangle residents, Bayshore business owners, Tamiami Trail (U.S.41) business owners, Davis Boulevard (S.R.84) business owners, Bayshore MSTU representatives, and at-large representatives who reside or engage in business or both in the Bayshore/Gateway Triangle Component Redevelopment Area. A person who “engages in business” means an individual owning real property or a business, practicing a profession or performing a service for compensation, or serving as an officer or director of a corporation or other business entity so engaged. Consideration will be given to appointing members that have experience in the following professions: finance, banking, architecture, engineering, education, law enforcement, social work, real estate sales and development, planning or design and building construction. Terms are three years.

The Board of Building Adjustments and Appeals has two vacancies in the categories licensed engineer and licensed plumber. This five member board was established by Ordinance 83?16 (amended by Ordinance 91?57, repealed and amended by Land Development Code Div. 1.22.1 Ordinance 91?102, as amended) to hear appeals on rejections or refusals by the Building Code Compliance Director to approve mode of construction or materials to be used in construction or alteration of a structure. Membership consists of five members representing the following professions: one state licensed architect or structural engineer; one Class “A” general contractor, one state certified fire protective equipment contractor or State Certified Fire Fighter with the rank of Lieutenant or higher or State Certified Fire Safety Inspector with the rank of Lieutenant or higher; one licensed electrical contractor; and, one licensed plumbing or mechanical contractor. Members must be knowledgeable in the following Collier County Codes: Florida Building Codes, Electrical Code, Fire Prevention Code, Gas Code, Mechanical Code, and Swimming Pool Code. The membership term is four years. The meetings are held quarterly, or on an as needed basis. This is a Quasi-Judicial Board.

The Collier County Planning Commission has one vacancy representing District 2. This nine member committee assists in the formulation and review of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Land Development Code, and amendments to both, and then submits their recommendations to the Board for final decision. Members are required to file a Form 1, Statement of Financial Interest each year with the Supervisor of Elections. Terms are four years. This is a Quasi-Judicial Board.

The Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) has two vacancies for new terms to expire December 1, 2016. This board was created on May 26, 2009, by Ordinance No. 2009-27. This five member board was created for the purpose of hearing any appeals from adverse administrative decisions regarding a public vehicle license permit. They will also hear all public consumer issues. No member of the CAB shall be a current motor vehicle for hire owner or operator, nor shall they be a family member of the same household of a current motor vehicle for hire owner or operator. Adverse decisions of the CAB may be appealed, within thirty (30) days, to the Board of County Commissioners. The CAB will be a quasi-judicial board. After initial appointments, terms will be four years. This is a Quasi-Judicial Board.

The Contractors Licensing Board has one vacancy in the category of consumer. This nine member board determines the qualifications of applicants for the various categories of the Contractors’ Certificates of Competency. They also hold hearings to determine if the holder of a certificate of competency of any contractor, master or journeyman should be disciplined. A minimum three members shall be in the category of “Consumer”. The consumer representatives may be any resident of the local jurisdiction that is not, and has never been, a member or practitioner of a profession regulated by the board or a member of any closely related profession. Members are required to file a Form 1 Statement of Financial Interests each year with the Supervisor of Elections. Terms are three years. This is a Quasi-Judicial Board.

The Environmental Advisory Council has one vacancy for a technical term expiring on July 28, 2013. This five member (plus one alternate members) council acts in an advisory capacity to the Board in matters dealing with the regulation, control, management, use or exploitation of any or all natural resources within the County, and the review of all land development petitions which require an environmental impact statement (EIS) per section 10.02.02 A of the Code, all developments of regional impact (DRI), lands with special treatment (ST) or Area of Critical State Concern/ Special Treatment zoning overlays, areas of the county covered by inter local agreements, any petitions which cannot be resolved between the applicant and staff. The membership will include technical and non-technical members. Technical members shall demonstrate evidence of expertise in one or more of the following areas related to environmental protection and natural resources management: Air Quality, Biology (including any of the sub disciplines such as botany, ecology, zoology, etc.), Coastal Processes, and Estuarine Processes, Hazardous Waste, Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Land Use Law, Land Use Planning, Pollution Control, Solid Waste, Stormwater Management, Water Resources, Wildlife Management, or other representative areas deemed appropriate by the Board such as, but not limited to, a representative of the development community. Terms are four years.

The Floodplain Management Planning Committee has two vacancies. This 15 member committee (eight members of the public) was created on July 25, 2006, by Resolution No. 2006-200 to promote awareness of floodplain and flooding issues, identify known flood hazards, discuss past flooding events, assess the current floodplain and flooding issues, and to set goals along with a strategy to make the community more resistant to flooding. The committee reviews and provides recommendations for floodplain management regulations, and for surface water and watershed management issues brought before it including, but not limited to, matters dealing with water quality and quantity. The committee will also develop and, at least annually, evaluate and update the Collier County Floodplain Management Plan.

The Golden Gate Community Center Advisory Committee has one vacancy. This five member committee assists the Board of County Commissioners by reviewing and making recommendations regarding the budget and operation of the community center. Applicants must reside within the Golden Gate Community Center MSTU District. Terms are two years.

The Golden Gate Estates Land Trust Committee has one vacancy for a term expiring October 13, 2014. This five member committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners for the purpose of carrying out the requirements, conditions, and various provisions of an Agreement relating to the use of land, or funds derived from the sale of land, conveyed to the county by Avatar Properties, Inc., (f/k/a GAC Properties Inc.). Applicants must reside within the subdivision known as “Golden Gate Estates.” Member selection may depend upon location of residence within specific areas (phases) of the Estates.

The Haldeman Creek Maintenance Dredging Advisory Committee has one vacancy for a term expiring on March 13, 2017. This five member committee was created on December 12, 2006, by Ordinance 2006-60 to aid and assist the Board of County Commissioners in carrying out the MSTU, to prepare and recommend an itemized budget and to recommend work programs and priorities to the County Manager or his designee. Members will be appointed from different parcels, subdivisions and/or the communities within the MSTU. Terms will be four years.

The Hispanic Affairs Advisory Committee has one vacancy for a term expiring June 25, 2014, and three terms expiring June 25, 2015. This nine member committee identifies and evaluates problems unique to the Hispanic Community, reviews and recommends ways to ensure open communication between the minorities and Collier County Government, and provides periodic reports to the Board of County Commissioners. Terms are four years.

The Isles of Capri Fire Control District Advisory Committee has two vacancies. This five member committee advises the Board on the budget and operation of the Isles of Capri Fire Control District. Terms are two years and members must reside within the boundaries of the Isles of Capri Municipal Fire Services Taxing District.

The Library Advisory Board has one vacancy representing Commission District 5. This five member board acts on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners to establish policies of the Library Department including, but not limited to, policies relating to materials acquisition and circulation, collection development, and eligibility of individuals for library services. They also act in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners for all Library Department issues regarding the establishment of fees, the budget, capital planning, staffing levels, and other library related programs.

The Ochopee Fire Control District Advisory Committee has one vacancy expiring on December 31, 2014, representing Chokoloskee. This five member committee advises the Board of County Commissioners on the budget and operation of the Ochopee Fire Control District. Members must reside within the taxing district. Terms are two years.

How to apply for an advisory committee on-line:

Go to

Click on “I want to”

Click on “Apply For”

Click on “Advisory Boards & Committees”

After you complete the application, click on “E-mail Kristi Bartlett”

You will receive a confirmation that your application was sent. Note: You must put your e-mail address in the application to receive a copy of your application.

Residents interested in applying for advisory committee positions may also obtain an application by calling 239-252-8097, or Please forward to the attention of Kristi J. Bartlett, Executive Aide, Board of County Commissioners, 3299 Tamiami Trail East, Suite 303, Naples, Florida 34112-5746. The deadline for acceptance of applications is November 15, 2012.


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