Monday, January 17, 2022

Big Cypress to Release Fire Stories

Fire and water are the essential elements of Big Cypress National Preserve. The series of three movies will be released over the next two months to share some of the fire stories of the Preserve. You will find them on the official Big Cypress You Tube and Facebook sites ( Each film delivers a unique story about fire, an important but least understood force shaping the biodiversity of Big Cypress National Preserve.

  • “Fire Swamp,” July 27th.
  • “Burn Boss: A History of Fire & People in Big Cypress,” August 10th.
  • “Behind the Flames,” August 24th.

“Fire Swamp” offers a front row seat to fire flowing through our interwoven ecosystem of high and dry pinelands to cypress swamps with two National Park Service professionals who manage this landscape. Down here in the Big Cypress, the borders between fire, water, people, limestone, plants, and animals creates an exquisite mosaic of beauty.

“Burn Boss: A History of Fire & People in Big Cypress” digs deep into the human history of the Preserve from the early days of hunters burning to lure game to modern day prescribed fires. How does one become the boss of fire? What causes wildfires? This film presents a fascinating look into the relationship between people and a flammable ecosystem.

“Behind the Flames” looks beyond the yellow and green protective clothing on the fire line to the Big Cypress firefighters working to keep the Big Cypress ecosystems vibrant. We feature the powerful insights of two experienced firefighters. What draws these people toward flame? This is their story.

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