Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Bid for Council

Larry Honig.

Larry Honig.

By Costal Breeze News Staff 

Larry Honig has thrown his hat into the ring for one of four seats on City Council to be voted on in the General Election, November 6th. Other candidates who have announced their campaigns include Amadeo Petricca, Paul Meyer and Larry Sacher. Honig’s announcement:

I’m asking the voters of Marco Island to support me as a candidate for City Council. I want to give back to the community, and as we grow retain the small-town atmosphere that’s so much a part of the Island we love. These needn’t be in conflict – growing and advancing, while remaining pleasant and intimate. Toward that end, I’m running to ensure that the City Council is more responsive to the citizens’ desires. City Council is a representative body, so it’s critical that council members know what their constituents want – and if they don’t know, ask. In summary: I listen. 

I want the city government to be more restrained in its spending as well as its activities. Overall, we need a long-range focus for the Island and its plans, taken as a whole, including how we want to spend our capital budget over time. And of course this fits into my first point, which is that we need to be sure we understand what the citizens want. 

My strong background in business qualifies me to serve my fellow citizens on Marco. I have extensive experience streamlining operations, reducing expenses, and getting things done without sacrificing service levels. I’ve worked in small start-ups and very large multinational enterprises – including serving as CEO of two public companies, Vice Chairman, President and CIO of two major national department store chains, and a partner at McKinsey & Company. 

My background also includes service as a Captain in the United States Army, an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, an M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin, and a B.A. and B.S. from Washington & Lee University. I’ve published an historical biography and several peer-reviewed finance articles. My wife, Lisa, and I are full-time residents. 

I assure you that if elected, I will carefully and fully evaluate all aspects of matters that come before City Council. And to be sure, I will represent everyone on the Island – all the residents, all the businesses, and all the organizations – fully, equally, fairly and with passion. My personal and professional hallmark is to approach virtually every issue with an open mind. And if new or better information arises, I’ll be the first to revisit my opinion. To get a sense of how I think about the current issues, please go to my website at 

Larry Honig – 481 Rio Court – Marco Island, FL 34145 – (239) 588-0080. 

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