Sunday, October 24, 2021

Bicycles Welcome on Marco

Photo by Scott H. Shook

Photo by Scott H. Shook

Marco Island has quietly been building a bicycling infrastructure that can compare with any bicycling community in the U.S. With a combined 70 miles of in-road lanes and shared-use paths, cyclists on Marco Island can go virtually anywhere they wish—and do so safely—on the island’s bicycle facilities.

That’s an incredible number when you consider the island is only approximately 4x6miles.

Cyclists enjoy some great stretches of shared-use paths on Collier Boulevard, Bald Eagle Drive, Tigertail Court and Winterberry Drive. Shared use paths are essentially wide sidewalks that are shared between cyclists and pedestrians.

Cyclists on Marco Island also enjoy long stretches of in-road lanes on San Marco Road, Barfield Drive and Winterberry Drive.

Another hidden gem of Marco Island’s cycling infrastructure is the



recently completed linear park path, a shared use path that runs from the Racket Center at the intersection of Bald Eagle and San Marco Drive to Winterberry Drive. The trail is all off-road and is one of the most beautiful rides on the island.

It is also noteworthy that Marco Island also boasts scores of light traffic roads that cyclists love.

So if you haven’t joined Marco bicycling revolution, I encourage you to get started. With speed limits that range from 25-35 mph (except for a one mile stretch of San Marco Road west of the Stan Gober Memorial Bridge, which is 45 mph) the island could not be more bicycle friendly.

Marco Island is quietly building one of the nation’s top bicycling infrastructures.

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