Friday, October 22, 2021

Best of the Best



Coastal Breeze News has been recognized as one of the “Best of the Best” by the Association of Free Community Papers during a conference held in Louisville, Kentucky this year. The prestigious national newspaper trade association holds the comprehensive competition annually, which is open to all member publications in good standing.

Hard work and dedication paid off, and Coastal Breeze News brought home an impressive seven wins, including: First Place General Excellence (Minimum of 26% editorial) First Place Feature Article Layout (Don Haberkorn) First Place Special Section (100th Anniversary of National Parks edition – Erin Perchalski/ Don Haberkorn) First Place Best Original Editorial Photography (Frank Steiger)

Second Place Best Cover Design
Second Place Best Original Writing
(Barry Gwinn, “This Judge has a
Big Heart”)
Third Place Andrew J. Shapiro
Award – Cancer Awareness
(Sponsored by Metro Newspaper
Creative Services)

The Best of the Best 2017 AFCP Annual Publication Award Competition garners thousands of entries in more than 40 award categories. The competition is fierce, and Coastal Breeze News was proud to receive the most coveted award, General Excellence.

“We won First Place for General Excellence,”



said publisher, Val Simon. “We are proud of each award, but General Excellence is what any newspaper strives for with each edition.”

Val Simon recognized the team effort that goes into every issue. “This is an honor which speaks to the quality effort given by everyone associated with Coastal Breeze News. Everyone – from the writers, photographers and editors to production personnel, from the advertising and web designers to the delivery people – is an integral part of the team that makes Coastal Breeze News a success.”

Coastal Breeze News is thankful for the support of our loyal readers who have made the publication a community favorite. “Our readers are to be thanked, first and foremost. Your guidance and ideas, your editorial and photographic contributions, and all of your efforts on our behalf make Coastal Breeze News exceptional. Everyone helps to make this newspaper a popular publication,” said Val Simon.

Recognition was also given to Coastal Breeze News photojournalist, Samantha Husted, who was given a “Rising Star” designation. Learn more about Samantha and the Rising Star program in our next edition.

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