Saturday, October 16, 2021

Bereaved Moms Host Mother’s Day at Pier

Death has cheated untold numbers of parents out of the joy of raising a child. For those who’ve lost a child, Mothers’ Day can represent an intense emotional challenge, especially at gatherings, such as those held at churches, where mothers with living children are honored.

That’s why bereaved mothers or grandmothers and their extended families are invited to meet at the Naples Pier, 25 12th Ave., South, for the second annual Moms’ Celebration of Life at 9 AM, Sunday, May 12. Family members are encouraged to bring a flower to toss in memory of their loved-one-lost, a photo, poetry and/or music to share, along with stories and special memories.

Participants can introduce themselves and their loved ones, toast those gone-too-soon and write their children’s names in the sand to gently float out to sea.

A red Mylar heart balloon will mark the spot to join in honoring moms of missing family members.

For more information, call 239-353-2773.


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