Saturday, November 27, 2021

Becky Irwin Announces Run for City Council

Letter to the Editor

Photo by Becky Irwin

Marco Island Citizens, 

My name is Becky Irwin, and I am excited to announce that I am officially running for Marco Island City Council. My family first moved to Marco Island 39 years ago and I have deep roots here and a true love for our community. 

Keeping our taxes low, protecting our environment, and ensuring the Mackle Brothers’ vision for Marco are my first priorities. 

I have served in countless leadership roles and local hands-on volunteer efforts on many boards and organizations over the past 25 years. I enjoyed a 20-year professional career as a non-profit executive, and I’ve been licensed by the state as a real estate professional since 2009. 

It has been an honor serving on the city’s Beautification Committee for almost 4 years, as well as being appointed to serve on the Citizen Summit for the Strategic Plan for Marco Island’s future. 

A certified Florida Master Naturalist, my knowledge will be an asset to the council as we tackle environmental challenges going forward. In addition, I am state certified to be an inspector of Florida Stormwater Erosion and Sedimentation Control. 

I look forward to meeting with islanders and hearing your concerns and especially your aspirations and dreams for the future of our island. I believe my unique perspective and experience will be important as we chart our path forward. I pledge to work with my fellow councilors with respect, professionalism, and dedication on every issue we face. 

I am running for City Council to preserve our heritage and protect our future and I look forward to earning your support and your vote on November 3rd. 

Thank you! 


Becky Irwin 

Broker Associate, Realtor ® 

Marco Island Specialist


8 responses to “Becky Irwin Announces Run for City Council”

  1. Kathy ridge says:

    Very well qualified to do a fantastic job fir our
    Island Becky!! You defiantly have my vote !!

  2. Mary Scarff says:

    I have known Becky Irwin all her life and can attest that she is a true leader and would be an amazing asset to the Council of Marco Island!
    She has been an ambassador for Marco in every way since living there because she Loves the Island and all it has to offer. If the people are smart, they will vote for this beautiful, smart, energetic and passionate hard working woman!

  3. Dawn Smith says:

    I don’t think you’ll be able to find a candidate more dedicated to Marco Island. What tremendous ambassador Becky has been for Marco Island!
    Please take the time to get to know Becky!

  4. Kathleen Beaufait says:

    Great letter I am sure you will be a wonderful asset to the community!

  5. CBD Products says:

    I heard a lot of positive reviews about her work and the company as a whole. This person really inspires respect, but I just can’t understand one thing, either everything is so good that everything is just positive about her, or of course there are questions to this that we need to check. Since she looks like a very sincere and excellent person who is ready for anything for the sake of the island, well. I bow my voice in favor of Becky and I hope she will live up to our expectations!

  6. Cathy Ahern says:

    Becky knows and loves Marco Island and will be a great representative!

  7. Bob Brain says:

    I have lived here 15 years and in that time I have seen Tiger Tail turn into a disgraceful run down park. It was a place to take friends and watch the fish jump out of the water, now the fish have died from the stagnant water. The rest of the Island will be next?????

  8. Mmohndera Gezall says:

    Becky’s Love & concern for the future of Marco Island is evident in all that she puts her focus and energy towards. She is vibrant and proactive. She has my vote!

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